Wear It Wednesday…Ladies day 12/8/10!!

Posted: December 8, 2010 by teeLARGE in Wear It Wednesday!!!
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New KREATIV.SOLE feature!! Every Wednesday were gonna post pics of our customers and fam rocking KS gear!! If you wanna make it on here send pics to ” kreativ.sole@gmail.com ” ..CLICK HERE to see past Wear It Wednesday posts!

Here’s a pic from our homegirl Tyisha! She is a G-Shock beast…an shoutout to her boyfriend Deangelo for coming thru the shop also!

Tyisha even road trip with the crew to see Big Sean in Nashville.


Classic Joy…silly an ALWAYS reppin Cali !! She’s a regular in the shop, let her tell it she’s the next intern! You see her with the RAIDERS snapback fresh outta KS! shoutout to the D.A., L-Boogie an Cha Cha (the crew)

*Did I mention she’s Wale’s biggest fan?


Here’s a great shot of Jacavia wearing a snapback by THE HUNDREDS she scooped up outta KS recently. Jacavia is definitely a homie in here..an she reps KREATIVSOLE proudly.

And nobody on twitter quotes more song lyrics than her..

Joy, DA and L-Boogie ...showing off the snapbacks.

One of the best KREATIVSOLE pics ever. Joy, D.A., an L-Boogie show off a few of our snapbacks!

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