Posted: December 31, 2010 by teeLARGE in Random Ish..., TeeLARGE

So much I want to say…but I will sum it up in just a couple lines.

First lets all THANK GOD or whoever you choose to acknowledge as the Supreme Being for his many BLESSINGS. You are now in 2011 and you were allowed to be here…. that alone is amazing.

2nd this year I am asking you to EMBRACE LOVE… there is no reason to hate anybody over anything…you dont have to hate on someone else in order for your movement to work. If you are a actor, rapper, blogger, photographer, boutique owner, model, athlete or anything.. push your own movement!!! Spend more time focusing/growing your brand positively, an less time being negative towards what someone else is doing.. EMBRACE/SPREAD LOVE!

3rd is my personal THANK YOU to everyone who has been apart of KREATIVSOLE these last 20 months. I appreciate every single person that even knows we exist…please dont forget about us… our 2011 is gonna be special ONLY if you are apart of it!





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