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If you came in Kreativ.Sole around November – January then you MOST DEFINITELY heard this song!!!!! Give Fitch ( @ifitch101 ) the credit for gettin us hooked on this banger from Big Seans official hypeman/homeboy  SayItAintTone.  Most of the video was shot at Revive Boutique in Michigan. 

*sidenote: If you find a Louis Vuitton Condom, let me know.. hahah!! 

At our core, Kreativ.Sole is a streetwear boutique, and if you dont know what that means, continue reading this post. 

Complex mag tapped the homie Bobby ( co owner of THE HUNDREDS) to give his list on the 50 best Streetwear Brands. #1 and #2, we’re no brainers for me, and I must say this list is pretty dope, and I agree with most of it.