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New shipment from ROCKSMITH hits the shop today!!! The ill thing about these is that they match all the kicks thats out right now…. we have most of this in M – 3XL so fall thru asap cause this gonna fly out!!! 256-489-5016 phone orders // @kreativsole

"The ROK" tank M - XXL


"The Rok" tank M - 3XL


" I'm On ONE" L - XXL


Whips Kicks Chips black/3M M - 3XL


Whips, Kicks, Chips grey M - 3XL


Whips Kicks Chips white M - 3XL


Shoutout to the homies from DGK. Here’s a look at the behind the scenes of their Fall 2011 photoshoot. We got all this new DGK freshness stocked in the store.. so fall thru!!


Its only right this week of freshness continues here in KREATIV.SOLE. Today we have a major shipment of tees. snapbacks, socks, jeans an more from the fam over at DGK. This shipment is filled with strong hookups with all the recent kicks thats been hitting the shelves in the last month or so.  M – 3XL in everything so get up an fall thru, or call 256-489-5016 phone orders!!

DGK snapbacks, 5 diff colorways to choose from

Burgundy / Wine color that matches the Bordeaux Jordan 7's

Here's the back of the snapbacks... too ill!!!

Joy ( @iamsunnshine ) our female KS intern and always apart of the team, have fun in Cali love!!

Joy, u better have ALL the fun in the world in Cali an u better kill from the minute you step on FIDM’s campus! We are definitely gonna miss u here at KREATIV.SOLE. You were the only female intern, an no matter what the future holds u will forever be on this team. You held down the shop many times solo, an forced all the little flirtatious fools to come in the shop an spend $$ just cause they wanted to holla!!!  You kept us all in line, an you are by far the most gangsta person in the crew! Thanks for introducing us to your homegirls, Cha Cha and Loren…an we will definitely miss D.A as well. Your crew embraced KS from day 1 an that meant alot! I could be on here all day reminiscing on how much you mean to the shop and to me personally but I guess i’ll just go do the “creep walk” an shed a tear to myself! Love you                                

– Tee

We love you…an miss u already!!!

Tims, East, JayDot, Joy, Tee, an Fitch ...the KS fam all together!

P.S> if you wanna say goodbye to Joy, hit her up  —> @iamsunnshine 



we only have 3 pair of each socks, and that belt.... is a 1 of 1 !!!!

Just in time to keep you fresh thru the summer, the homies from DIAMOND SUPPLY, hit us with that HEAT!!!!!

Phone orders 256-489-5016  // twitter  @kreativsole  // 904 Bob Wallace Ave #201, Huntsville AL 35801

Summer 2011 Diamond Supply now instock at KREATIV.SOLE


Un-Polo Yacht Tee, Black/Yellow, LG - 3XL


Yacht 98 Tee, Black/Columbia, Med - 3XL


Victory Tee, Red, LG - XXL


Un Polo Yacht Tee, White, LG - XXL


Think Brilliant, ( Black Tee & Navy Tee ) , Med - 3XL in each



Here’s a  few pieces we have instock from PLAYCLOTHS Fall 2011 shipment. Its still early so as the weather cools down we will have alot more PC instock. We went light since its still July. This shipment is definitely worth coming thru to check out…

3rD Runner ( Cream / Navy )


Garage Button down ( Black)

Distinguished Sir ( Grey Purple )

Hampton SS Polo ( Creme / Navy )

Here’s my only thing about this shoe. How is a ” Jordan 11 low” when it looks ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like a 11 high ? But this is a dope shoe, had ’em when they dropped back in the day, an i”ll probly mess with ’em today. But please wear black socks with these… nobody wants to see your white sock, thru the mesh!  They should be a most sneaker shops so fall thru an get your pair.

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