Are jersey’s making a comeback??

Posted: July 7, 2011 by teeLARGE in Fresh Clothes Too!
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Here’s 4 recent pictures of the homie WALE. Notice anything….?….yeah same here, its clear that he is single handedly trying to bring back rocking jersey’s… Nothing is wrong with him pushing this look but do YOU think its too soon to breath life back into this fashion move? Now I’m some trend junkies are already buying jersey’s and getting ready for the trend to re-hit. True, with the right pair of kicks a jersey is ill but i’m just not sure if its gonna catch fire like it did a few years ago.  Guess we’ll see…..

  1. Yze Guy says:

    It’s straight with the right kicks, BUT I wouldn’t go hard with the throwback b’ball jerseys yet. The baseball jersey fad wasn’t as recent OR as big, so I think that’s a better choice right now. A Yankees jersey is always hot, pinstripes or not anyway!

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