Birthday Thoughts…..

Posted: August 5, 2011 by teeLARGE in Kreativ.Sole Staff, TeeLARGE

Peace and Blessing everyone,

Wanted to personally thank everyone for the birthday wishes today. My interns all say I been acting/doing 30+ stuff for awhile now, thats probably true! I’m blessed to make it this far, and however far God allows me to go, I will appreciate every single day.

Thanks to you all for supporting KREATIV.SOLE. 2.5 yrs feels good, but we have so much work to do in the coming months. Stick by us, there are gonna be some BIG changes with the shop coming real soon. Some we like, some others not so much, but trust that we will always do whats best for our customer base and our movement.

Lailah, Maya, Tyler & Kayden I love all 4 of you and being a father is my greatest joy. To my family, thank you for being ultra supportive and making the sacrifices you’ve made so that I can keep my entrepreneur dream alive. To my team, thanks for remaining true to the 100th power. To my friends, thanks for being there…many of you have talked me “off the ledge” and I appreciate that. To our KS fam & customers thanks for staying close to the movement. To my mentors/friends in this streetwear clothing biz, I appreciate each of you.

I love you all….Stay Fresh my friends…


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