Get fly on a Monday….. new product instock!!

Posted: August 22, 2011 by teeLARGE in Fresh Clothes Too!, Mitchell & Ness, Vintage Deadstock (snapbacks), Vintage Snapbacks

Whaddup world… its another fly Monday here at KREATIV.SOLE …1st up is some new snapbacks. The first 2 pics are for all the homies that rock the Vintage Snapbacks….we aint forgot about u, here some ill MLB & College Vintage instock. Last pic is of a couple new Mitchell & Ness snapbacks.. 

Fall thru the shop or call 256-489-5016 or hit up @kreativsole 

Dodgers, Tigers, Yankees, Braves, Cardinals, Indians @kreativsole


Florida Gators, Stanford, Ga Tech, Duke, UNLV, & Angels @kreativsole


Phoenix Suns & Vancouver Grizzlies @kreativsole

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