Posted: August 24, 2011 by teeLARGE in Uncategorized

For those that don’t know Huntsville is a major college town. We got Alabama A&M, Oakwood University, UAH, Calhoun, Drake an a few more. Well our fam over on “the hill” aka AAMU have a major student fest every wednesday called SUNNY WEDNESDAY’s. Our homie Dj DreSmoove is spinning and its a good way for all the student to mix/mingle together. 11am – 1pm on the quad… BE THERE!!! 

It’s going down today at the first Sunny Wednesday of the 2011 fall semester. With close to 900 freshman this year its gonna be too crazy out there.. we there gettin to know the student body and of course we gonna hook u up!!! 


P.S. —-> we got a craaaaazy collab with our fam over at OAKWOOD University coming soon… stay tuned!! 




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