Saying goodbye….

Posted: August 29, 2011 by teeLARGE in Uncategorized

Wow…what to write…

I want to personally thank everyone who has supported this KREATIV.SOLE movement from day 1. There are way too many people to name so if you know u were involved in some kinda way, then this is me THANKING YOU.

All we ever wanted to do was sell a few tshirts to our homies an see where it goes. And to be honest thats exactly what we did. Very little advertising just alot of word of mouth and the twitter/facebook pages. It was tough in the beginning because most ppl in hsv had never heard of any of these brands, an we had to literally convice ppl that this was already poppin in other cities/states but just not in alabama yet. We take pride in saying that we introduced Alabama as a whole to PlayCloths, 10.DEEP, Stussy, RockSmith, The Hundreds, Mishka, Exact Science, Pink Dolphin, Superb, Diamond Supply, Undefeated, DopeCouture, and many more.

I dont want to get into why we are closing down. Its a pretty long story and really doesn’t amount to much other than, we are closing down. I have known ince mid July that we were closing at the end of August. I didnt wanna have some sad song… so I chose to wait to announce it when I couldnt wait any longer. Only thing I will say is that us closing has nothing to do with money, sales are better than they ever have been in 2.5yrs. We are not going out of biz, we are just closing down.

Dre, Fitch, Tims, East, Jaydot & Joy I appreciate all your hard work an loyalty to me and KS. You all know this isn’t the end of our friendships…. but a new beginning. 

Our customers and fam know that there is only 1 KREATIV.SOLE… nobody does it the way we do it and thats a fact. Thank all of you for your loyalty and it is only because of you that KS will stay alive…. who knows, we might just pop back up with another store across town one day….

Come thru today and tomorrow an cop something an chill with the crew…

Love yall….. peace…… Tee.

Hit us up — @kreativsole  OR




  1. Sad to see that the store is closing. I’ve never been there but I’m from Huntsville and was hoping to stop by when I made a trip home. I’ve been gone from Huntsville for 14 years now and was proud to see that the ‘Ville had a spot that was providing something in the way of connecting the urban brands and apparel that were popular around the nation with my homestate. Something about bringing that urban/hip-hop b-boy fashion sense to Northern Alabama made me proud. So while I’m sad to see you go, I’m thankful for what you brought for however long it existed. KS was another method for putting Alabama, and particularly Huntsville on the national map. Hopefully your closing won’t be the end in that regard. Salut.

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