new gear from THE HUNDREDS at @kreativsole grand opening!!!!

Posted: September 3, 2011 by teeLARGE in Fresh Clothes Too!, The Hundreds

Look what THE HUNDREDS sent over for us to have instock on the day we re-open at our new location. Tees, snapbacks, and for those of u that are fashion forward we already have some crew’s and hoodies for when this fall weather kicks in.  See u soon…. date/time of our grand re-opening at our new location is coming soon….

follow us on twitter:” @kreativsole ”  or facebook: ” kreativ.sole


"TV ADAM" by The Hundreds only @kreativsole , M - XXL


"TV ADAM" black by THE HUNDREDS only @kreativsole, S - XXL


"SERIOUS" M - XXL @kreativsole


THE HUNDREDS snapbacks only @kreativsole


"Frenchie " crewneck by THE HUNDREDS only @kreativsole


"BIGGS" pullover by THE HUNDREDS only @kreativsole



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