DOPE COUTURE moves west!! Opens new shop in L.A.

Posted: September 20, 2011 by teeLARGE in Dope Couture

Quick post to shoutout our fam over at DOPE COUTURE… Matte an the crew packed up most of everything an moved outta Indiana an onto Farifax in LA. ( same hood as The Hundreds, Diamond Supply & Supreme ) so can we say MAAAAJOR !!! 

Matte may not be from L.A. an he didnt “invent” streetwear but I cant think of anyone more deserving of a spot amongst the big dogs in this game. He’a a natural and will definitely kill it. 

Thanks to BobbyHundreds for allowing me to steal a couple pics off the TH blog! CLICK HERE to see all the pics an we will have a few pics from the party they threw last week soon…. 







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