Crooks & Castles ” Eye On The Castle” Documentary

Posted: October 13, 2011 by teeLARGE in Crooks and Castles, Fresh Clothes Too!
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Congrats to CROOKS & CASTLES on the celebration of 10yrs in biz… Crooks got down with KS on day one an we definitely appreciate them for that. 

Here is a dope insight on a couple things: 1. It shows how a major streetwear brand operates an conducts biz (and party’s!!) while still reppin fam all day. 2. It shows a insiders look at the Magic Convention which is the place to be for all things streetwear/urbanwear/brands/boutiques & upstart clothing lines. 


** Does this mean CROOKS will be making a return to KREATIV.SOLE ??? …stay tuned!!! 

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