Just a couple random pics I had in my email featuring a few of the homies in front of some ill ROCKSMITH artwork..

we carry the ROCKSMITH brand here in @kreativsole  and for everyone that needs a cosign… here’s 3 reasons why!! ( thats a lil jab at customers who come thru an say  ” who is wearing this type of stuff ?!?!” Wear it cause YOU think its dope, not cause a rapper or celeb is rocking it !!!! ) 

KS favorite Dom Kennedy (@dopeitsdom) killin the mic onstage at a ROCKSMITH sponsored event

Its ya boy YO GOTTI !!!! showing love in front of the ROCKSMITH wall at Magic

#Ambition finds WALE rocking the "explicit" snapbacks and chillin in front of the parental advisory ROCKSMITH wall

KS alumni @deegoodz been down with ROCKSMITH for a min...here he's wearing the "Elevators" tee with the YachtClub fam..

post by:    @teeLARGE    // @kreativsole  // 256-489-5016 phone orders // facebook here 

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