Kreativ.Soles 4 Souls !!!! Donate your new or gently worn shoes to those in need!!

Posted: November 9, 2011 by teeLARGE in Random Ish..., SAY NO TO FAKES

Its simple:  We partnered up with SOULS 4 SOLES, a national non-profit organization that donates shoes to those in need. With YOUR HELP we’re gonna donate 100 pair of new or gently worn sneakers (mens or womens) to those less fortunate than us.

Sneakerheads you know we spend $150 like it aint nothing on the new J’s, Foams, Maxes, & more.. so we can easily kick in a few $$’s to help those that having been going thru a rough patch. 

Starting this Friday November 11th 2011 – December 11th 2011. Bring the kicks to the shop an give ’em to one of the KS team members.

{ 1407 N. Memorial Pkwy Suite 8A, Huntsville AL 35801 // Oak Park shopping center across from Kroger on Oakwood

Here’s the catch:  At the end of the 30 days we have to ship the shoes to the SOLES 4 SOULS warehouse. From there they re-distribute the shoes to where they are needed the most globally. Unfortunately shipping is on us and 100 pair of kicks shipped UPS is NOT cheap so we are asking for everyone’s $$ help. You can CLICK HERE to donate towards shipping costs OR the next time your in KS u can leave a couple dollars in the shoebox we have labeled ” Kreativ.Soles 4 Souls “

 @kreativsole      @teeLARGE

  1. This is something Great that your doing! I like to see people giving back to people who can’t have to we have. KS FAM I salute yall for this! ALready!

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