J.Millz …. KS fam leaves us to head back to Detroit..

Posted: December 11, 2011 by teeLARGE in Uncategorized

OG @kreativsole fam member J.Millz ( @j_millz77)

Quick post showing love to J.Millz. Our fam member graduated from Alabama A&M yesterday and is now headed back home to Detroit to help bring change to his city. Millz is a major part of KS, from taking photos for us, helping grow the movement, or just coming in the shop an kickin it. KS will never be the same with our bro gone back to the Motor City. 

I dont know if Detroit ready for when Millz gets on that Ciroc an will swagg on ANY chick in the club!!!!! We got memories for days!!!!! 

Alot of local hsv rappers have Millz to thank for shooting there video’s for the low and he is the cinematographer of the whole WHOGOTBARS movement. 

Do your thing in Detroit fam… link up with the right people and try to bring some of your positivity back to the westside of Detroit !! 

Keep in touch with J.Millz on twitter ( @J_Millz77 ) or on his website ( www.jwmgallery.blogspot.com


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