Rocket & Flame Gang // Represent the Crew !!!

Posted: December 29, 2011 by teeLARGE in KreativSOLE CLOSET
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FINALLY !!!!! We are set to release a new KS logo crew. The Rocket & Flame Gang is a term we used to refer to our loyal customer, crew & fam that been with us since day 1. When you see that KS rocket logo know that you are apart of this movement!! 

                                                                SMALL – 3XL   /// SMALL – 3XL   //// SMALL – 3XL 

Online:    CLICK HERE to buy. Presale is today – Jan 12th 2012. Cost is $45 with FREE SHIPPING if u use ” RocketGang” as the code at checkout. After that, its $48+ shipping.   Crew’s will ship Jan 16th. 

Instore:   Cost is $42 flat if u come in and prepay today – Jan 12th. After that its $48+ tax. Crew’s will be instore Jan 17th.  ( instore is $3 cheaper because online has paypal/visa fee ) 


look at the shoes..... now look at the crew..... easy match!!!!!!!

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