TeeLarge - owner of KREATIV.SOLE proud father!

Well here we go….its me TeeLarge an I proudly rep KREATIV.SOLE (my staff run it, I usually just sit here! ).. Im a sneakerhead (whatever that means) and more importantly a proud father.

KS is my baby..I love it…but its only here because you want us to be. Orginally I just wanted to sell a couple tshirts to my boys. Now we have grown and become something much bigger than I ever imagined.

The KS experience is unique…there is none like us. Thanks to everyone who helps this dream of ours come true!

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Find me on FB:  Tee KreativSole Large


Kendall aka K.Tims aka Tims

Follow KS employee "K Tims" on twitter ( @timswhenitscold ) an his personal blog ( )

My name is Kendall Tims aka “K.Tims” aka “who do you think you are” aka “i fight” I’m from Detroit, Michigan. I am a senior at Alabama A&M and I major in sports management. I am a sports junkie and an aspiring sports agent. I started falling in love with streetwear in my last year of high school in 06. My favorite brands are 10 Deep, Stussy, Rockers NYC, and Crooks and Castles. I enjoy traveling, shopping, blogging, and women. (disregard the last hobbie).  My twitter name is @TimsWhenItsCold an my blog is and my email is Holla @ me!

Hit me on twitter @ifitch101 or

The name is Fitch aka I.Fitch (also known to TeeLarge as whatever come to his mind first: i.e. Leroy, Fitchenstein, Fitcheroono) I am a sophomore at Alabama A&M majoring in Marketing. Street wear came into my life after seeing celebrities such as Jay-Z and Pharell Williams constantly rock gear that no one had ever heard of. If i’m not in Kreativ.Sole i am probably at one of my many other jobs or researching the web looking for other fashions and sneakers to release. I am an avid blogger at my site talking about fashion, music and what’s hot in the world. You can follow me @ifitch101 and can be reached at Lets talk business!!

DRE  (the lost member of KS)


A little something about me… Humm What can I say?

Dre is who we call the Lost member of the team!!! He’s been down since day 1…finding him in the shop is rare here lately but we wouldnt be here now if it werent for the work he helped put it in the beginning.

Dre is also our foremost sneakerhead in the crew. You wanna talk kicks…Dre won’t shut up!!!

DRE (left)  T-LARGE (right)

DRE (left) T-LARGE (right)

On April 18th 2009 Kreativ.Sole became a store. We are located in Huntsville, AL. 904 Bob Wallace avenue suite 201 to be exact!!! Hit us up anytime 256-489-5016  OR   OR   OR come to the blog!!

  1. Hi,
    Let me introduce myself, my name is Memo Sandoval I am the owner and creative director of Social Villains apparel. Social Villains has just introduced its new line of apparel and we would like to offer you the opportunity to review our line. We believe that Social Villains apparel has some fresh graphics and a style all its own. We are now in the process of accepting new retailers to represent our line. We would welcome the opportunity to show you our line and perhaps do business with you. thanks for your time.

  2. Matthew says:

    So whats up guys! I just found out about you all on dopecouture. com under their stockists. i was always thinking that i had to go to RSVP in Chicago to find a store like yours. anyway i always wanted to shop in a store like you own and i live in Trussville, AL so look forword to seeing me very soon! Peace&Happiness!!!

    • teeLARGE says:

      whaddup!!! preciate you reaching out to us! here’s my email ( ) hit me up whenever your thinking about coming up this way. We have some pretty crazy store hours and I dont want you to miss out. We are still growing the store and trying to introduce huntsville to the streetwear scene.

      hit me up anytime 2563487716


  3. Quacy J says:

    are u guys getting the Black History Month retro 3?

  4. mrphoto90 says:

    Im trying to move in this direction here… I like what yall are doing, keep it up.

  5. Derrick A says:

    Just wanna show you guys some luv, I came in today with my sis grabbed a couple shirts, Its good to see some young brothers holding it down in a positive since, Yall keep doin ya thing, and ill def be stoppin thru anytime im in town.

  6. Jay says:

    Aye is this a store that I can walk into not just a online website because it is I would shop there all the time and yeah I live in Huntsville

  7. Jay says:

    And also what’s Ur exact address because on google it say a lot of many addresses ?

  8. Jay says:

    aye where are yalll located?!?!

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