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here are just a couple shots taken at our 2 year anniversary party…thanks to everyone for their support!

2 yrs ago Jake ( on left ) was our 1st customer ever! & on the right is C.Short

Former University of Alabama star & now St. Louis Ram Kenneth Darby, our homegirl Laquasha & Tee

Tims & Tee

So here’s the deal: Friday 2-25-11 my big homie Joski Love from 103.1 Weup had his annual bday bash at a club here in Huntsville. He brought Ace Hood to town to rock wit him. But before that happened we get the phone call that Ace Hood an his crew wanna fall thru KREATIV.SOLE to pick up a couple pieces an chill.We also talked about him wearing the RockSmith “Dropout” Cardigan in the remix video to his smash single HUSTLE HARD (scroll down).

Pics courtesy of J.Millz from

ACE HOOD and his crew speaking with TeeLarge (owner of Kreativ.Sole)


Ace Hood checking out at crewneck by THE HUNDREDS in KREATIV.SOLE

ACE HOOD adds his signature to our famous-invitation only "WALL OF LOVE"

The best part of this photo is the tv Tee rocking the KS crewneck!


@ifitch101, @timswhenitscold, ACE HOOD, & KS owner @teelarge


Shoutout to the homie WIZ KHALIFA… he’s rocking the Diamond Supply “PARIS” Crewneck in this Black&Yellow Remix video…we still have a couple of these instock here at KREATIVSOLE. Fall thru!


904 Bob Wallace Ave #201 / Huntsville AL 35801 / 256-489-5016

Every now an then I throw some pics up of different celebrities rocking some of the brands we carry in KREATIVSOLE. Every single brand we have brought into the shop, its their first time being sold anywhere in the state of Alabama. ( great KS trivia!)

Everynow an then a co-sign is needed, so here’s a few of your favorite rappers rocking with DIAMOND SUPPLY Co.

Wale wearing the Diamond Supply "Un Polo" crew

Rick Ross wearing the Diamond Supply beanie and "un polo" jacket

Wiz Khalifa wearing Diamond Supply


I saw this on the PLAYCLOTHS website a few days ago…and fam’s hair is unreal. I aint never watched Jersey Shore before so I don t have a clue who this dude is. But his barber need to commit suicide…hahah!

We had this PLAYCLOTHS shirt in the shop over the summer….always good to see someone rocking the brand!

The boys are baaaaaack!!! Your favorite crewneck’s favorite crew!!

Pre-pay starts today. S – 4XL $40 11/10/2010 – 11/17/2010 . Crew drops instore on 11-22-2010. If u pre-pay but wont be intown when they drop..we can ship to you.  256-489-5016 phone orders or reserve online HERE

**The pic you see below is the computer version…we are not putting out the actual pics just yet…but trust us…its FIRE!!!!!!**



Front: Crew is Charcoal Grey, KS is Flint Blue, Rocket is metallic silver,
Flame is Lime Green (same as hologram) fading to Flint Blue.
KS is embroidered in the right sleeve in Flint Blue

BACK: Our slogan  “KRE8 UR OWN FRESH” is in FLINT fading into Lime Green to match the hologram.

*KRE8 UR OWN FRESH is our way of saying BE YOU. U define whats fresh, fly, dope etc… we just hope u choose to get fresh in here!!!

**This crewneck is limited to 50 worldwide. **

Thanks to you we have have over 500 names on our store email list, 1000+ twitter followers and 1000+ facebook friends so this is a GUARANTEED SELL-OUT !!!

Thanks to everyone who picked up the Space Jam, BRED, and/or Copper colorways from last year!!!!


Preciate the homie Ludacris for rocking the one we dropped last year!!!

Thanks to the homies Chief Rocka and Ghon Bomb and the 103.1 WEUP radio family here in Huntsville.  Me nd KTims got the VIP invite to come kick it with Lloyd Banks. He has the new song “Start It Up” produced by Swizz Beats and of course the monster first single ” Beamer, Benz or Bentley”.

When the new album “Hunger For More 2” drops..cop that shit son!!

The ONLY reason I do this celebrity sighting thing is cause one day a dude came thru the shop (KREATIV.SOLE) and said… “Tee yall got some fly shit in here but I aint never seen no celebrity in it so I aint gonna mess with it yet…”  THATS THE DUMBEST THING I EVER HEARD!!

Chris Brown posted this pic on twitter ( @chrisbrown ) rocking the 10.DEEP "Die Like The Rest" crewneck

We have this crew instock at KREATIV.SOLE right now!!! It comes in 2 colorways, the oatmeal color that Chris is wearing an then there is a black/black that is serious!!!

256-489-5016 phone orders accepted!

Shoutout to the homie BIG SEAN…preciate the shoutout…!!!!


Shoutout to the homie ROCKO..he was in Huntsville last friday night for a show at a club here…an he stepped out onstage wearing the PlayCloths “TrackStar” jacket.We still have a couple of these left in the shop… and the belt to match. Make your way down here to KREATIV.SOLE an get your size… or call us 256-489-5016

ROCKO performing here in Huntsville wearing the PLAYCLOTHS track jacket

**Pic courtesy of