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Couple items hit the shop today. The “WU-Beach” crewneck came in only a 2XL & 3XL , something exclusive for our big homies!! We also re-upped on the ill RockSmith pullover from a couple weeks ago. This joint was so popular, we brought it right back in for another run, something we rarely do. We also picked up a couple ill snapbacks from 10.DEEP

256-489-5016 phone orders // @kreativsole // fb:   “kreativ.sole” 

2XL & 3XL only !!!!! 256-489-5016 / @kreativsole

M - 2XL instock!!! ( sold so fast 1st time, we re-upped) @kreativsole / 256-489-5016


You Lose snapback by 10.DEEP // @kreativsole // 256-489-5016





"Players Dream Hoody by UNDRCRWN



BIG V Crewneck by UNDRCRWN



HUGE shipment of 10.DEEP is in the shop for our GRAND OPENING of the new location… we still havent named the time/address yet.. but at least u can see we gonna kill it!!! Stay tuned for the address & info!!

Reckless & Dangerous tshirt by 10.DEEP - @kreativsole

x-Wing tshirt & snapback by 10.DEEP - @kreativsole

Beckford Tank by 10.Deep - @kreativsole

Stadium tshirt by 10.DEEP - @kreativsole

"ROSES" premium tshirt by 10.DEEP - @kreativsole

10.DEEP snapbacks only @kreativsole

Ace of SPade crew 10.DEEP - @kreativsole

"Reckless " crew by 10.DEEP only @kreativsole

"wildcard" beanies by 10.DEEP - @kreativsole

Diamond Knuckle Crew by 10.DEEP @kreativsole

Beckford Pullover by 10.DEEP - @kreativsole

We told you its gonna be a hot summer, we bringing nothing but heat!! Here’s our summer offering from the homies at 10.Deep. We made a major move with the tanks from 10.Deep, below is a pic of a couple… so much more instore.. so be here at our Grand Re-Opening June 30th – July 2nd. 

10.DEEP is a major brand that we carry in the shop. Most of yall rock with us when we bring in the 10.DEEP crewnecks in the fall/winter but the have some fresh shit in the summer also. check the video cuz it gives a lil sneak peek. We are bringing in 4 diff styles of the tank tops & 2 tee’s .. and of course some snapbacks… 

These should be hitting the shop middle of next week. Stay Tuned.. 




ITS A CELEBRATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U better be here Tuesday 3-22-11 cause 10.DEEP one of the illest brands doing it are coming back to KREATIV.SOLE to kill it!!! So much gear to choose from… Cardigans, Tees, Crewnecks, Button downs, Snapbacks and even a giveaway!!!!


"Winged Victory Cardigan " <-- we are only getting 3 of these L , XL, 2XL

10.DEEP stop bullshittin an ship out this Spring 2011 line… they sent us the link to this video… so for now we stuck watching !!! But trust this will all be in KREATIV.SOLE soon… get ready!



The ONLY reason I do this celebrity sighting thing is cause one day a dude came thru the shop (KREATIV.SOLE) and said… “Tee yall got some fly shit in here but I aint never seen no celebrity in it so I aint gonna mess with it yet…”  THATS THE DUMBEST THING I EVER HEARD!!

Chris Brown posted this pic on twitter ( @chrisbrown ) rocking the 10.DEEP "Die Like The Rest" crewneck

We have this crew instock at KREATIV.SOLE right now!!! It comes in 2 colorways, the oatmeal color that Chris is wearing an then there is a black/black that is serious!!!

256-489-5016 phone orders accepted!

Coming soon to KREATIV.SOLE …heads up!

THIS IS THE DOPEST CREWNECK OF 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Die Like The Rest" crew... coming soon!

10.DEEP killed the game with this one! The body of the lighter colored crew is “oatmeal”..think of a mix between “off white” and brown. The 2nd color is black. The gloves are red on both. Sizes M – 3XL and quantity is very limited cause this one you dont wanna see too many people wearing!!!

**If you have to ask “$price?”… this probably aint for you!**

10.DEEP is HERE!!!!

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Guess who”s back in the mutha%&#$ house!!!! The crew over at 10.DEEP make a serious return back to KREATIV.SOLE with some pieces from their fall 2010 line. If you havent rocked with 10.DEEP yet, they make some of the dopest outerwear (jackets, crewnecks, hoodies) in the game! Sizes M – 3XL goes onsale 9/8/2010

All City Baseball Jacket

SEE YOU THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!