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Congrats to CROOKS & CASTLES on the celebration of 10yrs in biz… Crooks got down with KS on day one an we definitely appreciate them for that. 

Here is a dope insight on a couple things: 1. It shows how a major streetwear brand operates an conducts biz (and party’s!!) while still reppin fam all day. 2. It shows a insiders look at the Magic Convention which is the place to be for all things streetwear/urbanwear/brands/boutiques & upstart clothing lines. 


** Does this mean CROOKS will be making a return to KREATIV.SOLE ??? …stay tuned!!! 

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My mind cant even imagine a tsunami, much less survive one.. well the fam over at Crooks & Castles came up with a great way to contribute to Japan’s aid efforts. Here’s a pic of the “Japan Relief” tee. 100% of the proceeds are going to Red Cross Japan to help those in need. You can phone order this shirt by calling 808.955.7007



Here’s a look at the Limited Edition Good Wood x Crooks & Castles Necklace joint..  More info on ordering at !!

YO!! Here’s a suuuuuper exclusive drop from CROOKS n CASTLES! You saw Drake rocking the “AIRGUN” crewneck in the “Miss Me” video right (2:25 mark)…? Guess who who’s about to have a LIMITED AMOUNT…KREATIV.SOLE will have this instock Friday November 5th.

On the front is the AIRGUN, on the back it says “Better To Have One and Not Need It, Than To Need One and Not Have It”

We will have the Black crewneck and the Red Crewneck. The airgun is white on both. We are taking pre-pay on this. Sizes Small – 3XL.  only 2 of each size. Get here ASAP!!! Also phone orders 256-489-5016

This week we are bringing in something new everyday!! Vintage Snapbacks, G-Shocks, 10.DEEP, PlayCloths, The Hundreds and alot more! Today we have a few new tees instock. There’s about 14 different styles, but i’m just gonna post a couple pics, that way you”ll fall thru KREATIV.SOLE to see the rest!

Giant TH on front, and the "bomb" logo on back

Make sure you fall thru KREATIV.SOLE this week! Normal hours (11a-8pm) resume tomorrow!!

The homie RICK ROSS (bawwwwssss) was out in Cali and stopped thru the Crooks and Castles flagship store. Here’s a couple pics of him rocking the “Noriega” shades and a dope flannel Crooks fitted. Remember we carry CROOKS inside KREATIV.SOLE ..



—this dude is waaaay to scary to ever be a C.O. !!!

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I’m in the greenroom last friday here in Huntsville and when the homies from 5D, Chief Rocka and Ghon Bomb, threw this joint on the club went stuuupid! They ran this track back 3 times!! This the hottest song right now in the south!!

Gucci Mane & Plies – WASTED!

An for those of ya’ll trippin off this streetwear movement, check what Gucci Mane is rockin, PLAYCLOTHS!! Plus theres some Crooks and Castles, and The Hundreds in the video too!! We told yall this was real!!

“I dont wear tight jeans like the white boys!!!”

(ok..yall right, I do!)


9.9.09 @ 6pm in KREATIV.SOLE

904 BOB WALLACE AVE. #201 ; Huntsville Alabama

We not gonna stop till we RUN THIS TOWN!!!! We might wear black for a year straight!!!…CROOKS-N-CASTLES this Wednesday 9-9-09 @ KREATIV.SOLE! Tees, Hoodies, Crews, and NEW ERA FITTEDS !!!!! Plus we playing the JAY-Z BLUEPRINT III album the whole day!! We even picked up a few extra copies for you…6pm make sure ur here!!

Crooks flyer-1