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DGK hit the shop today and gonna make a MAAAAJOR move!!! Snapbacks, Tanks, Tees, + Khaki & Camo Shorts. Don’t sleep cause nothing in this shipment gonna be here long.  M – 2XL in the tee’s & tanks.  32 – 38 waist in the shorts. 

hit us up  256-489-5016 phone orders  //  twitter –> @kreativsole 







Opened the box, seen this “COMPTON” hat & immediately threw on some N.W.A !!!! We only picked up 3 of these in each color… and will go fast!!! 256-489-5016 phone orders // hit us up on twitter @kreativsole

Compton snapbacks by DGK only @kreativsole


only at @kreativsole // 256-489-5016 phone orders


Shoutout to the homies from DGK. Here’s a look at the behind the scenes of their Fall 2011 photoshoot. We got all this new DGK freshness stocked in the store.. so fall thru!!


Its only right this week of freshness continues here in KREATIV.SOLE. Today we have a major shipment of tees. snapbacks, socks, jeans an more from the fam over at DGK. This shipment is filled with strong hookups with all the recent kicks thats been hitting the shelves in the last month or so.  M – 3XL in everything so get up an fall thru, or call 256-489-5016 phone orders!!

DGK snapbacks, 5 diff colorways to choose from

Burgundy / Wine color that matches the Bordeaux Jordan 7's

Here's the back of the snapbacks... too ill!!!



New freshness from DGK has arrived here at KREATIV.SOLE just in time for our Grand Re-Opening weekend. Tanks & Snapbacks onsale starting Friday July 1st at 12noon. 

GK ” I Love Haters” snapbacks are on the way to KREATIV.SOLE.  I’m not even gonna hype these up.. we’re only getting 3 of each color so dont sleep. You can come in the shop tomorrow if you want to prepay or call 256-489-5016. Hats should be here on friday 7/1/11. And if you in Huntsville… there’s only 1 place to cop..KREATIVSOLE !! 

DGK " I love Haters " snapbacks, these are ill !!! and ONLY at KREATIV.SOLE



Shoutout the homie BJ (@evry1luvsabejay )… we had 19ppl register for the DGK backpack giveaway and he came out lucky!!!!  All you had to do was buy any DGK item during last week and you were automatically entered to win.

Stay tuned for the next giveaway..

SPRING 2011 is in full swing here at KREATIV.SOLE!!!!!! DGK arrived today!!! Some really dope pieces are instock including some ill camo shorts.

Tee’s  S – 2XL & Shorts 30waist – 36waist

Scroll down to see the DGK backpack… somebody’s getting that FREE!!! Fall thru the shop to find out how!







"Day & Night" comes in 4 diff colors (grey, Black, Purple & White)


"DGK ALL DAY" comes in 3 diff colors ( Grey, Black, White)




COME BUY ANY DGK ITEM BEFORE 3/5/11 an register to win this DGK backpack for FREE!!





Whaddup everyone! We are getting this week started off right by delivering a crazy amount of new product to the shop. A few pieces from PLAYCLOTHS that we never carried before. A polo, a button down woven, and a rugby (long sleeve polo) that I think is the dopest piece we have ever had in the shop.  M – 3XL

We also have a stuupid shipment from the homies over at DGK. This is their first time in the shop, we are pushing the I ♥ HATERS and the I ♥ BITERS shirts. Small – XXL instock! These are sick an the words on the back are even better!

PLUS MORE SNAPBACKS!!!!!!!!!   PLUS WE HAVE STICKERS!!! 256-489-5016 phone orders accepted!!

New tee’s from DGK will be instock  10-20-2010. This is a brand that shoulda been in KS along time ago…. but we got them in route now… Included are classics like ” I love Haters” and “I love Biters” but we will also be getting in the limited edition MELYSSA FORD shirt. Only 6 of these ( 1 M, 2 L’s, 2 XL’s, 1 XXL) so make sure you get here!!!!

DGK & Melyssa Ford collab.... only 6 instock!


I LOVE BITERS.... everything we do, ya'll wanna do!

If a HATER ever pissed u off...wear this one!!

I love the HATERS...keep talking bout us!!

Just like with everything else we do…we are the ONLY ppl in the city to carry this line… we’ll see you in the shop! 256-489-5016 phone orders accepted!