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Whaddup everyone! We are getting this week started off right by delivering a crazy amount of new product to the shop. A few pieces from PLAYCLOTHS that we never carried before. A polo, a button down woven, and a rugby (long sleeve polo) that I think is the dopest piece we have ever had in the shop.  M – 3XL

We also have a stuupid shipment from the homies over at DGK. This is their first time in the shop, we are pushing the I ♥ HATERS and the I ♥ BITERS shirts. Small – XXL instock! These are sick an the words on the back are even better!

PLUS MORE SNAPBACKS!!!!!!!!!   PLUS WE HAVE STICKERS!!! 256-489-5016 phone orders accepted!!

New tee’s from DGK will be instock  10-20-2010. This is a brand that shoulda been in KS along time ago…. but we got them in route now… Included are classics like ” I love Haters” and “I love Biters” but we will also be getting in the limited edition MELYSSA FORD shirt. Only 6 of these ( 1 M, 2 L’s, 2 XL’s, 1 XXL) so make sure you get here!!!!

DGK & Melyssa Ford collab.... only 6 instock!


I LOVE BITERS.... everything we do, ya'll wanna do!

If a HATER ever pissed u off...wear this one!!

I love the HATERS...keep talking bout us!!

Just like with everything else we do…we are the ONLY ppl in the city to carry this line… we’ll see you in the shop! 256-489-5016 phone orders accepted!