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DOPE COUTURE "countach dreams"  @kreativsole

DOPE COUTURE “countach dreams” @kreativsole //






We just recieved 5 of each color of the DOPE COUTURE logo snapback. These are limited edition and are guaranteed to race outta here. Matter fact we sold two in the time its taking to make this blog post!! 

DOPE COUTURE "logo" snapbacks. Limited edition....cold!

This some high fashion streetwear for the shop. All I can tell you is that if u try on the “Maison” tee you will NEVER wanna take it off. Lightweight, comfortable…already broken in…. its the perfect tshirt.  The attention to detail on the “Carre” snapback is untouchable. 

256-489-5016 phone orders    ////   twitter   @kreativsole 

New shipment from DOPE COUTURE arrives Jan 6th 2012.  We got the DOPE logo beanies ( grey/white & blk/white ) + the DOPE “stencil” hoody to match. Dont sleep on this, gonna race up outta here!! M – XXL 

CLICK HERE to shop online 

DOPE COUTURE beanies will be instock @kreativsole Jan 5th 2012

DOPE stencil hoody's instock Jan 5th 2012 @kreativsole

U don’t think DOPE COUTURE runnin shit ?? Ask Gangsta Gibbs ( Freddie Gibbs ) 

Freddie Gibbs chillin in DOPE COUTURE LA rockin the DOPE beanie

this homies from DOPE COUTURE just sent us a ill shipment of new gear!! Make plans to be here Monday 12/5 when this shipment arrives… gonna race outta here !!! 

"Cement" DOPE COUTURE snapback... VERY LIMITED!!!


purple kush snapback by DOPE COUTURE, M - XL


" bright idea" DOPE COUTURE crew


DOPE varsity snapback red/blk


varsity DOPE COUTURE snapback blk/red

DOPE COUTURE skate decks…

Posted: October 26, 2011 by teeLARGE in Dope Couture

The homies from DOPE COUTURE have just released 3 diff skate decks.. these are all ill….we need these in the shop ASAP!! But if u need one today… CLICK HERE !! 



256-489-5016  phone orders accepted







DOPE COUTURE moves west!! Opens new shop in L.A.

Posted: September 20, 2011 by teeLARGE in Dope Couture

Quick post to shoutout our fam over at DOPE COUTURE… Matte an the crew packed up most of everything an moved outta Indiana an onto Farifax in LA. ( same hood as The Hundreds, Diamond Supply & Supreme ) so can we say MAAAAJOR !!! 

Matte may not be from L.A. an he didnt “invent” streetwear but I cant think of anyone more deserving of a spot amongst the big dogs in this game. He’a a natural and will definitely kill it. 

Thanks to BobbyHundreds for allowing me to steal a couple pics off the TH blog! CLICK HERE to see all the pics an we will have a few pics from the party they threw last week soon….