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Here’s some October G-Shocks… 256-489-5016 for phone orders. Mention you saw this post and I got you free shipping (USA only). For our in-town peeps, bring yo azz to 904 Bob Wallace Ave, (in between the Quizno’s and the Scuba Diving shop) **G-Shock doesnt ship in December and January, so we will only have 1 more shipment til ‘Feb 2011**


New G-Shocks today!!!

Posted: September 12, 2010 by teeLARGE in Fresh Clothes Too!, G-Shock

Just arrived… some new G-Shocks here in the shop! The big winner in this order is the “ICE BLUE” and the “CLEAR 2300” ..both of these are really dope watches. We are only getting 2 of each, so holla at us if you want one!

Limited Edition "clear" G-SHock **(Only 2 instock)**

Few new G-Shocks on the way..

Posted: June 24, 2010 by teeLARGE in G-Shock

Just a quick drop from the homies over at G-Shock. Here are 4 new styles showing up in the shop real soon (Monday or Tuesday). Click the links and check each out…. if you want one you know you can hit us up on the pre-pay so you don’t miss out!!!
Don’t sleep on the Military “all black everything” G-Shock!! This one is a must have!!

In4mation G-Shock…

Posted: June 1, 2010 by teeLARGE in G-Shock, KreativSOLE CLOSET

Your right¬†everybody an they grandmama is rocking G-shocks right now. So lets continue to stay exclusive!! Here’s the pic of the limited edition IN4MATION G-SHOCK releasing mid-June. For those that dont know, In4mation is a Hawaii based boutique/brand. They have done a 3 previous collabs with G-shock and this 4th one is definitely my favorite.

You wont find this watch in the mall or anyplace else… strictly for the boutiques. We will only be getting 5 of these in. Price tag is $130 and you can prepay this week! *P.S. The box the watch comes in is stuuuuupid!!

Here are the first actual pics of the PLAYCLOTHS x G-SHOCK collab. They tease you on this one cause they are not showing the front. (pause) These will be in the shop soon… and will sell out even faster! Remember I tried to get you to prepay!!

In the quest to bring you the Freshest Dopest and Coolest of everything (shoutout to jmillz) we now present you G-Shock’s latest collab watch. ¬†This set is a watch and a animated figurine. The action figures were created by the legendary Shiro Nakano, famous Japanese illustrator/artist (scroll down to read more on him).

The figurine and the watch come together in a boxed set. I don’t have to tell you that these are limited edition and are ONLY being sent to streetwear/sneaker boutiques. We are taking pre-orders on this limited edition set for this week only. The set is $165 and you must put down $100 to reserve yours. The womens set is $150 and you must put down $90 to reserve. Oh yeah did I mention we can only reserve 6 of each???!!!?? Act fast!!!

About the artist: Shiro Nakano is the original creator of the animated G-Shock action figures and a part of Japanese toy manufacturer, Play Set Products design team. Nakano has designed a wide variety of characters including the newly released “Modern Pet” and “Marileo” figurines.

Shiro is widely known overseas for his design collaborations using famous cartoon characters. You can also find Shiro Nakano designs incorporated within various books, sundry goods, furniture, corporate advertisements as well as television commercials.

—-posted by teelarge aka “life would be more awesome if everything came with a action figure” !!!!