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These snapbacks just arrived from Mitchell & Ness. That sharktooth Bengals hat is too dope.. remind me of 1993!! Get here quick cause these will race outta here!!!! 256-489-5016 phone orders &  @kreativsole 

256-489-5016 phone orders // @kreativsole

***256-489-5016 phone orders // 1407 N. Memorial Parkway Suite 8A ( next to SINGER)****

KREATIV.SOLE intern JayDot ( @jaydotrain ) walks in an says… ” Tee this looks like a Lids hat store in here” !! I dont know if its that bad but we do have alot of hats on deck… here’s 5 more from Mitchell & Ness that arrived today.

256-489-5016 phone orders // 1407 N. Memorial Parkway Suite 8A ( next to SINGER)

 — @teeLARGE

Whaddup world… its another fly Monday here at KREATIV.SOLE …1st up is some new snapbacks. The first 2 pics are for all the homies that rock the Vintage Snapbacks….we aint forgot about u, here some ill MLB & College Vintage instock. Last pic is of a couple new Mitchell & Ness snapbacks.. 

Fall thru the shop or call 256-489-5016 or hit up @kreativsole 

Dodgers, Tigers, Yankees, Braves, Cardinals, Indians @kreativsole


Florida Gators, Stanford, Ga Tech, Duke, UNLV, & Angels @kreativsole


Phoenix Suns & Vancouver Grizzlies @kreativsole

Mithcell & Ness dropped off a nice lil box today… fall thru OR call 256-489-5016 phone orders OR hit up  @kreativsole

8/11/11 Snapback shipment from Mitchell & Ness at KREATIV.SOLE Boutique ( @kreativsole )

We’ve never carried this style snapback before and they are waaay past official!. These are from the “Diamond Series” by Mitchell & Ness. We have 3 teams that arrived today ( July 5th 2011 ). Orlando Magic, Boston Celtics, New Jersey Red Devils.  Fall thru to cop one or hit us on the  phone 256-489-5016, or twitter: @kreativsole





For those of u that dont know, Don C is one of Kanye’s best friends, his road manager and definitely a fly dude. Recently he collabed with Mitchell & Ness to coming out with a series of hats. These are way past dope…. 

the big question is… ” will KREATIV.SOLE carry these hats? ” and if so would you cop? 



So here’s the deal… the snapback movement is in full effect here at KREATIV.SOLE. We been pretty damn consistent with keeping the freshest hats so it was only right we brought in Mitchell & Ness. These are hats are stupid official !!!! The quality is unbeatable with the 3D stitching. We have a bunch of teams instock but u gotta act fast, cause when these are gone…they’re gone!

Mitchell & Ness Snapbacks in KREATIV.SOLE !!!! 256-489-5016 phone orders!