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new MTVTN snapbacks hit KS today.

Posted: March 30, 2012 by teeLARGE in Fresh Clothes Too!, Motivation

anytime we bring MOTIVATION x Mitchell & Ness hats they always race outta here… 4 diff colorways to choose from. Don’t sleep. 

256-489-5016  phone orders    /   twitter:  @kreativsole 

New shipment from the fam at MOTIVATION ( MTVTN ). 2 new crew’s + a hoody & tee make this a nice arrival.  CLICK HERE to shop online,  256-489-5016 phone orders or just fall thru the shop!!!!! @kreativsole

grey crew, navy, red & white print. @kreativsole

blk hoody with white & red print

Ohio State colorway

charcoal grey tee, navy, red & white print

the fam over at MTVTN ( Motivation ) just sent us a shipment of new tee’s !!! These are too ill and pay homage to the FAB 5. These are definitely gonna race out the shop and with this crazy huntsville weather, u can wear these now!

 @kreativsole  /  256-489-5016 phone orders

Fab 5 "connected" tshirt by MOTIVATION, M - 3XL

Fab 5 "Warm - Up" tshirt by MOTIVATION M - 3XL


DOPE & MTVTN collab M - 2XL

Instock NOW!!!! The fam at MOTIVATION sent over their script snapback . These are 4 colorways that are sure to race out the shop!!!!

MOTIVATION script snapback only @kreativsole 256-489-5016



MTVTN Script Snapbacks instock! Match the Bordeaux 7's & Carndinal 7's perfectly!!


These are too dope to pass on! 3 new styles of snapbacks from the homies at MOTIVATION. An if you looking for a match for your Cardinal or Bordeaux 7’s … these are ill !!! Fall thru

5 new tee’s just landed in the shop from our homies at MOTIVATION. All 5 are dope and great quality! A couple of these are dead on matches with the Bordeaux 7’s that dropped a couple weeks ago. Small – 2XL in each

*Sidebar* Speaking in Snoop language ( wizzle, dizzle, shizzle) is super lame but thats the mood I was in as Im sitting here in KS working at 1am !!!!

Shoutout to the team from MOTIVATION boutique ( MTVTN ) up in Michigan. We brought in Motivation this past fall and it raced out the store. The snapbacks were too official and so were the tee’s & crews. Its Spring and once again Motivation is gonna be a major part of our year here at Kreativ.Sole.

Motivation " MASCOT" snapback!!!


"Cheaters" MTVTN crew & "Grape" Mascot snapback!



I wanna post this for a couple reasons… 1. Millz shot another dope video  2. MOTIVATION are huge fans of our shop an like wise   3. I want all my Huntsville fam that rocks with this KREATIVSOLE streetwear movement to see where we plan on taking it.

MTVTN does it major an we are trying to follow the blueprint!!

Watch an Learn… thanks!

WOW!!!!! You wanna talk about a dope snapback!! These gotta be mentioned on that list. The homies from MTVTN (Motivation) just released their Script Snapback collab with Mitchell an Ness. We have ALL 4 COLORWAYS of this hat instock now!!!  Or you can grab one online  CLICK HERE!

Shoutout to Mike and the whole team from MOTIVATION Boutique in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They’re one of the leaders of the streetwear scene in Michigan. MTVTN store is dope and now so is the clothing line. KREATIV.SOLE is one of the few boutiques that are priveleged to carry this line and the ONLY place you’ll find MTVTN in Alabama is in KS. (Should be in stock by Mon/Tues of next week!)