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word to the NBA lockout… PAC DIV links up with PHITEN titanium necklaces and unleashes the video to “STILL FLEXIN”. The video has some nice eye candy and it also has a few NBA stars that aint got *ish else to do… they damn sure aint hoopin no time soon!! LOL!! 


–  @kreativsole    @teeLARGE


If you came in Kreativ.Sole around November – January then you MOST DEFINITELY heard this song!!!!! Give Fitch ( @ifitch101 ) the credit for gettin us hooked on this banger from Big Seans official hypeman/homeboy  SayItAintTone.  Most of the video was shot at Revive Boutique in Michigan. 

*sidenote: If you find a Louis Vuitton Condom, let me know.. hahah!! 

Here’s the latest video from the Westside homie DOM Kennedy. We been rockin with Dom for awhile now and his 2 last mixtapes “From Westside with Love” and “The Original Dom Kennedy” are both bangers in the shop!

Most people know that Tee wears alot of PlayCloths ( owner of KS ) and is a huge fan of THE CLIPSE. So its only right we through this post up. Pusha T.. 1 half of THE CLIPSE kicks off his solo movement today with the release of his mixtape ” FEAR OF GOD”. We been playing it in the shop all day and its straight fire!!!!!!!!!!!




Shoutout to KS homies @the_underdog84 & @InkpressAnthem for putting us onto PAC DIV almost 2 years ago! These dudes can really spit waaaaaay past official

The west coast trio ( Like, Mibbs & BeYoung) released there CRAAAAZY new mixtape, “MANIA” an we been playing it for 3 days straight here in Kreativ.Sole !!

download “MANIA” here!!! *Sidenote* I neeeeed this Diamond Supply floor mat!!!!!

Hit up @pacdiv @likepacdiv on twitter!



DOM KENNEDY rocking a snapback by THE HUNDREDS

YEP!!! Shoutout to the homie DOM KENNEDY. Today this LA resident spitta dropped his highly anticipated mixtape “THE ORIGINAL DOM KENNEDY” . How this dude is still unsigned I will neeeever know! The team here in KREATIV.SOLE fux with DOM heavy!!! You see him rocking THE HUNDREDS in the photo, he’s a real streetwear dude too! Hit him up on twitter ( @dopeitsdom )

CLICK HERE to download Dom Kennedy’s new mixtape!!

Evolution of Style: Jay-Z

Posted: February 28, 2011 by teeLARGE in HIP HOP(I used to love HER), Random Ish...

In this bonus video that came with his DECODED iPhone/iPad app, Jay-Z talks in detail about his surrondings growing up in Marcy Projects and how those experiences helmed his rap style in the beginning to eventually evolving to what it’s at now.