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Here’s a lil update on Kreativ.Sole 

our address:   1407 N. Memorial Parkway , Suite 8A, Huntsville AL 35801 

directions:   We are in the Oak Park plaza across from Kroger on Oakwood. under the sign that says SINGER

shop phone:   256-489-5016

Hours:   Mon-Fri 11am-7pm     Sat: 12 – 7       Sun: Closed

shop email:

twitter:     @kreativsole

team twitter:   @teeLARGE (owner) , @ifitch101 (asst.), @jaydotrain (intern), @devinlarge (intern) @j_millz77 (photos),  @timswhenitswarm (thug 1), @callmeeastside (thug 2),  // every crew needs to keep a couple thugs &  goons around !!!


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What up! Here’s the details, our GRAND OPENING is tomorrow 9/5/11! 

We open to the public 4pm-8pm but…for our VIP Friends/Family, we will be opening from 12noon-2pm! Here’s what you have to do : If you are on twitter, send a tweet mentioning @KreativSole and that you are coming tomorrow!  We will DM you the address to our new location. IF you aren’t on Twitter you can join our fan page on FB —> Kreativ.Sole and post us on your status to receive an inbox message from us!

VIPS will be the ONLY ones allowed access from 12noon-2pm! There will be drinks & food for all VIPS. Also there will be giveaways, which include: 2 Tickets to Monaco Theaters, a $50 Gift Card to FINISH LINE, and also a drawing to win free Kreativ Sole Merchandise.


Birthday Thoughts…..

Posted: August 5, 2011 by teeLARGE in Kreativ.Sole Staff, TeeLARGE

Peace and Blessing everyone,

Wanted to personally thank everyone for the birthday wishes today. My interns all say I been acting/doing 30+ stuff for awhile now, thats probably true! I’m blessed to make it this far, and however far God allows me to go, I will appreciate every single day.

Thanks to you all for supporting KREATIV.SOLE. 2.5 yrs feels good, but we have so much work to do in the coming months. Stick by us, there are gonna be some BIG changes with the shop coming real soon. Some we like, some others not so much, but trust that we will always do whats best for our customer base and our movement.

Lailah, Maya, Tyler & Kayden I love all 4 of you and being a father is my greatest joy. To my family, thank you for being ultra supportive and making the sacrifices you’ve made so that I can keep my entrepreneur dream alive. To my team, thanks for remaining true to the 100th power. To my friends, thanks for being there…many of you have talked me “off the ledge” and I appreciate that. To our KS fam & customers thanks for staying close to the movement. To my mentors/friends in this streetwear clothing biz, I appreciate each of you.

I love you all….Stay Fresh my friends…


Joy ( @iamsunnshine ) our female KS intern and always apart of the team, have fun in Cali love!!

Joy, u better have ALL the fun in the world in Cali an u better kill from the minute you step on FIDM’s campus! We are definitely gonna miss u here at KREATIV.SOLE. You were the only female intern, an no matter what the future holds u will forever be on this team. You held down the shop many times solo, an forced all the little flirtatious fools to come in the shop an spend $$ just cause they wanted to holla!!!  You kept us all in line, an you are by far the most gangsta person in the crew! Thanks for introducing us to your homegirls, Cha Cha and Loren…an we will definitely miss D.A as well. Your crew embraced KS from day 1 an that meant alot! I could be on here all day reminiscing on how much you mean to the shop and to me personally but I guess i’ll just go do the “creep walk” an shed a tear to myself! Love you                                

– Tee

We love you…an miss u already!!!

Tims, East, JayDot, Joy, Tee, an Fitch ...the KS fam all together!

P.S> if you wanna say goodbye to Joy, hit her up  —> @iamsunnshine 



Tee Large - owner of Kreativ.Sole Boutique

Thanks for the support and love. We are thankful to be back open, and thanks for your patience during our remodeling. We have so much instore now that we are back open. To my team, I love each of you and appreciate your dedication.  To our customer base, we are here ONLY because you show us love…and we remodeled because you deserved it.

First sale in the remodeled KS goes to the homie Quez !!

preciate the homie Q, for painting this for us, Next is the KS tattoo!!

Dre coppin a 10.Deep tank!

Eastside ( @gotmaddsole ) and Tims ( @timswhenitscold ) posted up behind the register !!

D.A ( @imdeeAye_ ) & Joy ( @iamsunnshine ) looking beautiful in front of the hat wall

Thanks to the entire team…. Here’s a few pics … we’re almost there/// Friday 12noon…. be here

These pics do the store NO justice, but we want it that way… u gotta see it to believe it !!!! 

Address:  904 Bob Wallace Ave Suite 201 / Huntsville AL 35801

Summer Hours:  Mon – Saturday  12 – 7  // Closed on Sundays 

phone:  256-489-5016  


twitter:   @kreativsole

Our Staff:   @teelarge ( owner ) ,        @ifitch101 ( assistant mgr ) ,

            @timswhenitscold ( assistant mgr ) , @jaydotrain ( intern ) ,

                @iamsunnshine ( intern ),  @gotmaddsole ( team member  )  

@iamsunnshine, @timswhenitscold, @teelarge, @jaydottrain, @ifitch101


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From the entire team we just want to thank everyone for your support. February 2011 was our 22nd month of being open and YOU MADE IT OUR BEST MONTH EVER!!!! We broke every single sales record we ever had!

All the new customers we hope you come back, all the phone/online orders we appreciate you rocking with us in your city. And to our loyal everyday customers, you already know how much we appreciate you!!!!

The Team:   Tims, Fitch, Joy & jayDot I truly appreciate yall for continued hard work here in KS. This store is nothing without you guys being dedicated. No words can express how thankful I am for my current staff.

See u in March…..

Tee  (owner)



TeeLarge sitting in KREATIV.SOLE reading Malice (from The Clipse) book "Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind, an Naked"

Anybody who knows me knows how much of a fan Tee (owner of KreativSole) is of THE CLIPSE. From rocking PLAYCLOTHS or being in KS playing every song Malice & Pusha T have ever recorded dude is a fan! Today the mailman dropped off Tee a AUTOGRAPHED copy of Malice new book “Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind and Naked”lets just say Tee aint moved off the couch in KS all day!! Buy your copy HERE

Stay tuned.... we will be doing a giveaway soon with a few copies of the book just for our Kreativ.Sole customers!


DJ KHALED is definitely a fool for this one! Here he drops some serious sneaker heat as he shows us what shoes are currently with him on tour…how many of these kicks do u have in your sneaker closet???