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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From the entire team we just want to thank everyone for your support. February 2011 was our 22nd month of being open and YOU MADE IT OUR BEST MONTH EVER!!!! We broke every single sales record we ever had!

All the new customers we hope you come back, all the phone/online orders we appreciate you rocking with us in your city. And to our loyal everyday customers, you already know how much we appreciate you!!!!

The Team:   Tims, Fitch, Joy & jayDot I truly appreciate yall for continued hard work here in KS. This store is nothing without you guys being dedicated. No words can express how thankful I am for my current staff.

See u in March…..

Tee  (owner)



TeeLarge sitting in KREATIV.SOLE reading Malice (from The Clipse) book "Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind, an Naked"

Anybody who knows me knows how much of a fan Tee (owner of KreativSole) is of THE CLIPSE. From rocking PLAYCLOTHS or being in KS playing every song Malice & Pusha T have ever recorded dude is a fan! Today the mailman dropped off Tee a AUTOGRAPHED copy of Malice new book “Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind and Naked”lets just say Tee aint moved off the couch in KS all day!! Buy your copy HERE

Stay tuned.... we will be doing a giveaway soon with a few copies of the book just for our Kreativ.Sole customers!


DJ KHALED is definitely a fool for this one! Here he drops some serious sneaker heat as he shows us what shoes are currently with him on tour…how many of these kicks do u have in your sneaker closet???


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ok here we go again….. Its been a few days since the blog has been updated but… today we were in ATL for THE COBB SHOW. Thats a pretty big show where all the clothing brands get to show off their upcoming seasons gear. Tyler, Ktims an myself went an of course we got stories to tell.. gimme a day or so an it’ll be on here…



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It snowed in Huntsville, Alabama (home of KREATIV.SOLE) an the ENTIRE CITY IS SHUT DOWN!!! So I went over to T.Lang’s house ( @theloverslane ) an kicked it with her…. then this happened…

fun times…

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So much I want to say…but I will sum it up in just a couple lines.

First lets all THANK GOD or whoever you choose to acknowledge as the Supreme Being for his many BLESSINGS. You are now in 2011 and you were allowed to be here…. that alone is amazing.

2nd this year I am asking you to EMBRACE LOVE… there is no reason to hate anybody over anything…you dont have to hate on someone else in order for your movement to work. If you are a actor, rapper, blogger, photographer, boutique owner, model, athlete or anything.. push your own movement!!! Spend more time focusing/growing your brand positively, an less time being negative towards what someone else is doing.. EMBRACE/SPREAD LOVE!

3rd is my personal THANK YOU to everyone who has been apart of KREATIVSOLE these last 20 months. I appreciate every single person that even knows we exist…please dont forget about us… our 2011 is gonna be special ONLY if you are apart of it!




Im tryna not to be vain but the other day the homie J.Millz from FRESH-COOL-DOPE came thru the shop an snapped a few pics of me (TeeLarge). Millz is really buzzing lately from doing his own videos, photography, an some projects with a few local artists in Detroit and Huntsville.

Im honored by these pics an I think a few of them came out pretty sick… stay tuned for a collab coming from KS & Fresh.Cool.Dope


TeeLarge x The Hundreds x KREATIVSOLE

TeeLarge rocking a PlayCloths hoodie standing outside KREATIVSOLE

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