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WHOAAAAA!!!! In suuuuuuuper shocking sneaker news the Air Trainer 1 mid is returning in 2011 and in 3 colorways at that !! Word to my #WeWEARTRAINERS homies Chief Rocka, K.Tims, & Tyler ( 3ppl I know that have as much respect for Trainers as I do )…these are a MUST have…at LEAST 2 of the 3! Everybody thanks Tinker Hatfield for his Jordan work….thank him for these too, yep he designed ’em!!

Side Note: I thought Nike would sign Cam Newton and then ALL Trainers would retro and he’d film a gazillion commercials with Bo Jackson but… NONE of that happened.

*There is a chance that these will be a non-USA release, in which case I am prepared to act a fool on Nike*

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Word to my muthaEffin homeboy Penny Hardaway… i gotta have these…February 12th 2011.

Im already making calls to line up this shoe for my closet! The NBA All Star Game is Feb 20th in L.A.  Рno word on what stores will carry this shoe but one thing is certain.. this shoe WONT be sold in Alabama!


Get out the bed RIGHT NOW an go get this shoe…. $175 (+tax) ..then fall thru KREATIVSOLE an pick up something to match…or shop —>ONLINE<—! If you not feelin this shoe… I got no words for you…

If your anything like have some kids sizes to buy too!

Jordan 13 “Altitude”…release today!

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These should have hit your local sneaker spots today…. for me they are not a MUST cop, they’re dope but im not getting up in the cold to race for these… holla at me if you get a pair, was their a line at your local spot?

Roosevelt showing off his newest pickups!

Shoutout to the homie Roosevelt for coming thru the shop today. One of the most official sneakerheads in Huntsville, fam keeps some sneaker HEAT an keeps getting the releases waaay before the release date. I dont even think Roosevelt knows what a release date is!  Plus he shops in KS! Today he scooped up a Motivation tshirt.


White/Red 13's December 18th 2010, White/Cement 3's - Jan 22nd 2011, Cool Grey 11's - Dec 23rd 2010

Exclusive access…beautiful kicks….unreal collection… shoutout ot MAYOR and THESHOEGAME for this video

Ok here’s the deal: Each year Nike teams up with the Doernbecher Childrens Hospital for a fundraiser. The Nike team comes up with a few different shoes designed with help from selected kids from the hospital an the proceeds from sales of the limited edition kicks are used for research and development at the hospital. Here’s a look at the Jordan 3 that came out this year. No stores in Alabama carried this shoe but Shoutout to KREATIVSOLE fam Tyler, Cmoe and C.Lew for being 3 of the lucky ppl to own this limited edition shoe. Cant wait til ya’ll bring em thru the shop for me to check out!

2010 Doernbecher Jordan 3

2009 Doernbecher Jordan 6


2008 Doernbecher Jordan 1

2007 Doernbecher Jordan 2



Just wanna say THANK YOU to everyone that made it to our annual BLACK FRIDAY sale! For those that dont know much about KS, on the day after Thanksgiving we have a 8am- 12noon super sale. The first 30 minutes is what we call “30 minutes of Chaos”cause EVERYTHING in the store is 50% off! After that there are a bunch of other crazy deals!! See you next year!

Line out the door at 8:01 am !! We had ppl in the parking lot EARLY!!

Shoutout to the homie Jacob for rolling thru...

TeeLarge meeting ppl at the register!!

The homie JayDotrain on his macbook, the homie Flea steppin his PlayCloths game up!

the homie @118ent copped this jacket on a MAJOR steal!!

All you gotta do is show up…we might even have some donuts and OJ…