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Shoutout to the homie NateB, he and his crew are regulars in the shop, they been down since day 1. So much so that Nate hit us up wanting to shoot a video for his crazy record ” I in Team” right here in the KREATIV.SOLE. Crazy amount of cameo’s in the vid. Brandon aka (@countryboy256) KS intern Tims aka @ktims510 and the homie Joey P aka (@iamjoeyp)..and oh yeah..i’m in there too!

Filmed by J.Millz from

@natebmafia    @iamjoeyp   @kreativsole  @j_millz77

(L to R) Melissa, Courtney, Lacresha, Cierra, ...oh yeah the hats too!!

Im not even sure how to intro this…..Do I talk about the VINTAGE DEADSTOCK SNAPBACKS that are now instock and onsale in KREATIV.SOLE, or how proud I am of my homie Millz from for taking these pics, or do we just drop everything and focus on the gorgeous women that are IKANDI !!!!

This was one of those days where everything kinda fell into place…..enjoy!

Shoutout to my bro Jermaine Clark. is here!!! You need ARTWORK… we got that on deck!!!Dont believe me, watch the video!!


SNEAKERFRIENDS ATL 2010 here we come!!! This year’s event is guaranteed to be the best yet. The whole KS fam is headed out there. Plus Jermaine Clark aka “Maine” (the same guy who did the artwork inside KS) will be doing a sneaker portrait live at the event. There are so many big time names in the sneaker community that will be in attendance but instead of me telling you… why dont you let Lil Dez, Kobe and Lebron tell you…

If you wanna roll holla at TeeLarge asap. We leaving here early that morning and coming back sometime Sunday.

Ya’ll never believe me when I say we have G-SHOCKS in route but..this time I’m telling the truth!! I already have the tracking number so be here Thursday and get yours!!!

WHERE MY KREATIV ladies at!!! Pink G-Shock 4 ya!!!!

Another one for the ladies!! White with the bronze face!!!

Metallic Green / Lime face! - we only have 2 of these coming in!!


All WHITE with Rasta Bands.. DOPENESS!!!


Blue/Black.. this is a standout piece here!!

Shout out to the homies ATX, Dre, Wink, FredtheunCool, Tyler, Fitch, Charles, K.Tims Sazuan, and everyone else who dropped thru tonight and kicking it with us. We had a damn good time and you shoulda been here too!! ROLL TIDE! ROLL TIDE! ROLL TIDE!

Here lately I been horrible with taking photos and these are no different!! But I have an excuse this time cause I was locked into the game!

the homies Fred and Tims looking at the game while Fitch keeps the stats on the laptop

Wings, cheese dip, chips ahoy, beer, and gatorade!!!

Sazuan rocks the PlayCloths sweater and Dre kills the KreativSole crewneck!

posted by teeLARGE akaI wish I played for Nick Saban

2010 We aint playing here at KREATIV.SOLE!!! Dropped the KS crewneck going into the new year, now we got the homies from STL, Murphy Lee and Kyjuan of the St. Lunatics dropping thru to kick it.

Huge shoutout to my homegirl and the #1 lady of radio here in Huntsville “ML6“. She had the exclusive on air interview with Murphy Lee earlier today. Follow her on twitter (@middaysml6) and check out 103.1Weup

Follow MurphyLee on twitter (@murphylee)

Oh yeah..we got something up our sleeve with the homie MurphyLee..stay tuned!!!

Check out ( )

teeLARGE and the homie KyJuan

Autographing a copy of his cd for KS. we got copies for you too!

Of course, MURPH signed the wall!!