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Props to Greg Street & TheShoeGame for once again putting on a awesome event. We were unable to attend this year but, from what we see in this was another success!! We definitely in the house 2012 !!! 



The most perfect swing in baseball…. and a damn near perfect sneaker in a perfect colorway…. release date is 2/26/2010

word to SneakerPolitics for the pic…

I wanna post this for a couple reasons… 1. Millz shot another dope video  2. MOTIVATION are huge fans of our shop an like wise   3. I want all my Huntsville fam that rocks with this KREATIVSOLE streetwear movement to see where we plan on taking it.

MTVTN does it major an we are trying to follow the blueprint!!

Watch an Learn… thanks!

Word to the homie @timswhenitscold  this might be the hardest crewneck to hit the streets!! This is a TI$A & Adidas Crew that recently dropped in REVIVE Boutique up in Michigan. Sampled from artwork from the 1952 Olympic Games this is a BEAST!!! The colors used…do u know how many sneakers in my closet would smash this?? Or since its Adidas you could just rock a pair of mid-top Shell toes RunDMC style!

Peep the homie SayItAintTone rocking it in his video for “Overload”…oh yeah….the crew retails for $220…sheeesh!

Shoutout to Mike and the whole team from MOTIVATION Boutique in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They’re one of the leaders of the streetwear scene in Michigan. MTVTN store is dope and now so is the clothing line. KREATIV.SOLE is one of the few boutiques that are priveleged to carry this line and the ONLY place you’ll find MTVTN in Alabama is in KS. (Should be in stock by Mon/Tues of next week!)

Shoutout to the homie BIG SEAN…preciate the shoutout…!!!!


Whaddup everyone! I (teelarge) made it safely to Indianapolis. Im here spending a lil time with my 5yr old daughter on her birthday. In between Chuck Cheese, eating cake and jumping in the MoonBounce with a bunch of kids there will of course be time to hit up GOT SOLE? and DOPE COUTURE!!! Two of my favorite boutiques (our own not included!!)

Dont use me not being in town as a reason NOT to stop by KREATIV.SOLE this weekend!!! Tims and Dre will both be in the shop kicking it all weekend. As a matter of fact PLEASE fall thru cause with Tims running the shop aint no telling what kinda foolishness is gonna go down.

If you havent picked up any of the new gear by THE HUNDREDS your an idiot… plain an simple. Too dope to miss out on and a great look for the shop. Speaking of “too dope” we just picked up a few more pieces from DOPE COUTURE including a spring-weather hoodie that is insane!!!! Make sure you grab one of those too.

I’ll be back in the shop on Monday…rumor has it there will be some new gear including FINALLY the missing box of Bonafide Icon “Penny Pincher” tees!!!


Shoutout to the homie Matt Halfhill over at They recently opened up a standing location in Austin, Texas to feed the sneaker/streetwear community to go along with their awesome website. Check the vid:

I really like a store, when I go in, I dont have to purchase something to leave and be satisfied…..its the intagible value of the retail experience.Matt Halfhill

Its now officially MARCH 2010 and we about to MARCH into all the flyness!!!! Coming real soon to KREATIV.SOLE is another dope streetwear brand:  SOCIETY

S.O.P is a brand that aims to promote a healthy and righteous way of living. The backwards Society logo is a bold statement and reflection of how we all live and function. Society is backwards because society is backwards. We produce clean and function apparel and accessories inspired from popular and underground cultures.

Your gonna love the attention to detail SOCIETY gives there product. From the logo placement, the stitching, and the feel of each piece. Especially for the price point! More pics below



In my quest to bring my small window of streetwear/sneaker culture to Huntsville-Huntsvegas I’ve got something great for you Saturday January 30th.
We’re having a instore question and answer session from one of my mentors and best friends in the industry. Matt Fields, owner of DOPE COUTURE brand and boutique will be here tomorrow, Saturday afternoon promptly at 1pm.


Matt has a wealth of knowledge in the industry and knows some of everybody!!!! Jay-z, Drake, Big Sean, and Mick Boogie are just a few of the people who have been rocking with the DOPE COUTURE brand. He is definitely a big part of the reason the midwest is getting love in the streetwear/sneaker industry! His brand is sick. his boutique is amaaazing and he got it off the ground himself!!

I'm just thankful to call these 2 guys my friends, Matt Fields- owner of DOPE COUTURE; and Mike owner of GOT SOLE? in the background.....serious..

Matt was a huge part of KREATIV.SOLE on day#1 and we’ve stayed in touch ever since. I’m definitely giving him a man-hug when he gets down here!!! Please come welcome him to the shop, bring a notepad and pen…this is almost unheard of that someone who has the knowledge is willing to give out free advice. Please be here to gain a little insight from my big homie!

Drinks will be provided..and some new EXCLUSIVE product will be shown (maybe even given away ) to people in attendance!!!

–posted by teelarge (just glad to be affiliated with great people!)