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I wanna post this for a couple reasons… 1. Millz shot another dope video  2. MOTIVATION are huge fans of our shop an like wise   3. I want all my Huntsville fam that rocks with this KREATIVSOLE streetwear movement to see where we plan on taking it.

MTVTN does it major an we are trying to follow the blueprint!!

Watch an Learn… thanks!

Shoutout to Mike and the whole team from MOTIVATION Boutique in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They’re one of the leaders of the streetwear scene in Michigan. MTVTN store is dope and now so is the clothing line. KREATIV.SOLE is one of the few boutiques that are priveleged to carry this line and the ONLY place you’ll find MTVTN in Alabama is in KS. (Should be in stock by Mon/Tues of next week!)