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Joy ( @iamsunnshine ) our female KS intern and always apart of the team, have fun in Cali love!!

Joy, u better have ALL the fun in the world in Cali an u better kill from the minute you step on FIDM’s campus! We are definitely gonna miss u here at KREATIV.SOLE. You were the only female intern, an no matter what the future holds u will forever be on this team. You held down the shop many times solo, an forced all the little flirtatious fools to come in the shop an spend $$ just cause they wanted to holla!!!  You kept us all in line, an you are by far the most gangsta person in the crew! Thanks for introducing us to your homegirls, Cha Cha and Loren…an we will definitely miss D.A as well. Your crew embraced KS from day 1 an that meant alot! I could be on here all day reminiscing on how much you mean to the shop and to me personally but I guess i’ll just go do the “creep walk” an shed a tear to myself! Love you                                

– Tee

We love you…an miss u already!!!

Tims, East, JayDot, Joy, Tee, an Fitch ...the KS fam all together!

P.S> if you wanna say goodbye to Joy, hit her up  —> @iamsunnshine 



here are just a couple shots taken at our 2 year anniversary party…thanks to everyone for their support!

2 yrs ago Jake ( on left ) was our 1st customer ever! & on the right is C.Short

Former University of Alabama star & now St. Louis Ram Kenneth Darby, our homegirl Laquasha & Tee

Tims & Tee

So here’s the deal: Friday 2-25-11 my big homie Joski Love from 103.1 Weup had his annual bday bash at a club here in Huntsville. He brought Ace Hood to town to rock wit him. But before that happened we get the phone call that Ace Hood an his crew wanna fall thru KREATIV.SOLE to pick up a couple pieces an chill.We also talked about him wearing the RockSmith “Dropout” Cardigan in the remix video to his smash single HUSTLE HARD (scroll down).

Pics courtesy of J.Millz from

ACE HOOD and his crew speaking with TeeLarge (owner of Kreativ.Sole)


Ace Hood checking out at crewneck by THE HUNDREDS in KREATIV.SOLE

ACE HOOD adds his signature to our famous-invitation only "WALL OF LOVE"

The best part of this photo is the tv Tee rocking the KS crewneck!


@ifitch101, @timswhenitscold, ACE HOOD, & KS owner @teelarge


Drake said it best: "We dont need new members, to me the click is FULL!! "

Let me set the scene for yall…. TRAVIS PORTER in Huntsville….courtesy of @WHYENVIUS & @THESWANNCOMPANY

VIP onstage in the packed club!!! …Few pretty ladies nearby….. the homies @djDreSmoove an @djDonJr on the 1’s & 2’s..whole click had new sneakers on….  KREATIV.SOLE enjoying the life…

Shoutout to the lovely @nickeemouse (left) and @hawttoddy (right) who kept us company in VIP!!!

These two dudes had the club on SMASH!!! KS intern @ifitch101 shocked me!!! & @irocfof

Fresh from South Beach @timswhenitscold chillin with the ladies!! Look at Tims shirt..can u guess what kicks he had on?

Meet the Team..

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Here’s a dope pic of two KREATIV.SOLE “youngsters”!!! Ha!! On the left is “Fitch” he’s KREATIV.SOLE staff an really my right hand in helping me run the shop. On the right is “BoBo“..I know its kinda hard calling a grown man BoBo but thats his nickname! Bobo is fam in the shop too and a huge supporter of what we tryna do.

PlayCloths t's, Good Wood Jesus Piece, GShock watch, Snapbacks...streetwear swag to the fullest!!

Yeah, its a photoshoot!!

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Here are a couple pictures of people rocking some of the flyest of the fly!!

Carla came thru and scooped up the PlayCloths tanktop and gave it some sexy!!!

Shoutout to the homie Tyler Davis... he's a regular in the shop and he stays fly!

The homies Eric rocking THE HUNDREDS and Will kicking it in Crossroads

Kreativ.Sole craaazy!! TeeLarge waving KS flyers while rocking a UNDFTD tee an PLAYCLOTHS G-Shock with the homie K.Tims

DRE rocking THE HUNDREDS while doing his 1-2 step onstage!!! Check out C.Short in the background!!

We had a great time over the weekend. Shoutout to the homies from SOLE SEARCH (more on that to come) and everybody who came thru over the weekend to say whaddup!!! YEAR #2 BEGINS NOW!!!!

Kreativ.Sole on twitter:    @kreativsole


SNEAKERFRIENDS ATL 2010 here we come!!! This year’s event is guaranteed to be the best yet. The whole KS fam is headed out there. Plus Jermaine Clark aka “Maine” (the same guy who did the artwork inside KS) will be doing a sneaker portrait live at the event. There are so many big time names in the sneaker community that will be in attendance but instead of me telling you… why dont you let Lil Dez, Kobe and Lebron tell you…

If you wanna roll holla at TeeLarge asap. We leaving here early that morning and coming back sometime Sunday.

Posted Up…

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@ktims510 (Detroit hat) and me (teelarge)

@ghonbomb rockin playcloths cardigan and @midddaysml6 dressed up for her birthday bash!!

@beanie621 rocking the playcloths 1977 polo in the club saturday night, plus he has KS flyers!!

CMON SON.... its KREATIV.SOLE & 5D all day everyday!!!

Out and About….

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HEY GIGI !!!! Thanks for showing love to Kreativ.Sole !!!!

@ktims510, teelarge, @j_millz

ummmm, hmmmm SIDNEY!!!!!