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The last week KREATIV.SOLE was open, we gave Fish Sanwich ( shop intern and human punching bag) permission to film everything that went on in hopes of putting out a dope documentary. As it unfolded, we quickly realized that Fish filmed all the wrong things, at all the wrong times and half the time we didnt think the camera was even on. But he shocked us all when he sent over this vid…. this was actually a pretty accurate vid of life around KS.

Fun Times with Good People.

1.  What the hell is “flying squirrell films”  ?!?!?!

2.   @teeLARGE gonna catch absolute hell for this video…

3. why did Fish slow down on Jaydot & Tims eating pizza ??



Spike Lee was at the White House and dropped these 2 0f 2  Spizike’s off for Mr. & Mrs. President. If i ever see Obama swag these out, it will be the greatest day in Presidential history!!

Wow, THANKS TO EVERYONE that has contributed to our SOLES 4 SOULS movement thus far. Today is the 10th day we have been doing our charity sneaker drive and we have 30pair of shoes donated already!! Everything from baby Jordans & Stride Rites up to mens shoes like the ZOOM FP ( Fun Police / Kevin Garnetts ). 

All you have to do is fall thru the shop and drop off your “gently worn” kicks, or you can toss a dollar or two ( or more ) into our donation shoe box. CLICK HERE if you would like to donate online !!! Help us reach our goal of 100 shoes in 30 days!!! Program ends December 11th 2011. 


10 days in and we have 30 shoes donated thus far!!!! Help us reach our goal of 100 shoes in 30 days.


all of these were donated by Johnathan // manager @ Finish Line here in Huntsvile. Hit him up on twitter @kicksrmycareer


Drop off box in conveniently located right outside our door during business hours!

— @teeLARGE

@kreativsole   1407 N. Memorial Parkway #8a, Huntsville AL 35801 // 256-489-5016 store phone


Its simple:  We partnered up with SOULS 4 SOLES, a national non-profit organization that donates shoes to those in need. With YOUR HELP we’re gonna donate 100 pair of new or gently worn sneakers (mens or womens) to those less fortunate than us.

Sneakerheads you know we spend $150 like it aint nothing on the new J’s, Foams, Maxes, & more.. so we can easily kick in a few $$’s to help those that having been going thru a rough patch. 

Starting this Friday November 11th 2011 – December 11th 2011. Bring the kicks to the shop an give ’em to one of the KS team members.

{ 1407 N. Memorial Pkwy Suite 8A, Huntsville AL 35801 // Oak Park shopping center across from Kroger on Oakwood

Here’s the catch:  At the end of the 30 days we have to ship the shoes to the SOLES 4 SOULS warehouse. From there they re-distribute the shoes to where they are needed the most globally. Unfortunately shipping is on us and 100 pair of kicks shipped UPS is NOT cheap so we are asking for everyone’s $$ help. You can CLICK HERE to donate towards shipping costs OR the next time your in KS u can leave a couple dollars in the shoebox we have labeled ” Kreativ.Soles 4 Souls “

 @kreativsole      @teeLARGE

WHAAAAAT !! Do I see the KS logo on the door of our new location??? And are those actual hours???? It must be getting ready to go dowwwwwn!!!  Stay tuned to the blog, twitter, facebook .. .cause we might just open the doors today LOL!! 

p.s. We blurred out the windows cause we dont want u to see all this new product!! 

next blog update is at 5pm today….

Can't be long now... the logo is on the door... coming soon...


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If you check the previous post, you’ll see that the lease is signed…. now its time to work. Here’s a sneak peek. Shoutout to Mr. Gary, the best handyman in all of huntsville. More details coming soon.. 

new improved @kreativsole in a new location ... coming soon!!!


something I came across today that was pretty dope…

Gatorade teams up with the homie Nigel Sylvester as he gets some dope camera time freestylin on his bike through San Fran, all the while the homie Dom Kennedy song ” 2 MPH ” featuring Big Krit is playing as the soundtrack. Dom even has a cameo at the end..