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Shoutout to our fam Bentley. Here’s the video to his song ” Everyday “. Bentley opens up the rhyme book a little on this track an speak from a humble place. He’s apart of Huntsville’s own Slow Motion camp, so u know he’s official  an u might know him from his work with the homie Kristmas and DB49 !!!

Sidenote:  U see that PROGRESS tee Bentley is rockin? Yeah thats us all day! hit Bentley on twitter  @bentley256

The artists name is Patrick Martinez and flat out dude is a genius. His neon artwork alone is legend. Complex Mag posted a article about him and his work on there site this am. CLICK HERE to read the article.. I’ll include a couple pics below, many more on the Complex site.


Joy ( @iamsunnshine ) our female KS intern and always apart of the team, have fun in Cali love!!

Joy, u better have ALL the fun in the world in Cali an u better kill from the minute you step on FIDM’s campus! We are definitely gonna miss u here at KREATIV.SOLE. You were the only female intern, an no matter what the future holds u will forever be on this team. You held down the shop many times solo, an forced all the little flirtatious fools to come in the shop an spend $$ just cause they wanted to holla!!!  You kept us all in line, an you are by far the most gangsta person in the crew! Thanks for introducing us to your homegirls, Cha Cha and Loren…an we will definitely miss D.A as well. Your crew embraced KS from day 1 an that meant alot! I could be on here all day reminiscing on how much you mean to the shop and to me personally but I guess i’ll just go do the “creep walk” an shed a tear to myself! Love you                                

– Tee

We love you…an miss u already!!!

Tims, East, JayDot, Joy, Tee, an Fitch ...the KS fam all together!

P.S> if you wanna say goodbye to Joy, hit her up  —> @iamsunnshine 



Thanks to the entire team…. Here’s a few pics … we’re almost there/// Friday 12noon…. be here

These pics do the store NO justice, but we want it that way… u gotta see it to believe it !!!! 

Address:  904 Bob Wallace Ave Suite 201 / Huntsville AL 35801

Summer Hours:  Mon – Saturday  12 – 7  // Closed on Sundays 

phone:  256-489-5016  


twitter:   @kreativsole

Our Staff:   @teelarge ( owner ) ,        @ifitch101 ( assistant mgr ) ,

            @timswhenitscold ( assistant mgr ) , @jaydotrain ( intern ) ,

                @iamsunnshine ( intern ),  @gotmaddsole ( team member  )  

here are just a couple shots taken at our 2 year anniversary party…thanks to everyone for their support!

2 yrs ago Jake ( on left ) was our 1st customer ever! & on the right is C.Short

Former University of Alabama star & now St. Louis Ram Kenneth Darby, our homegirl Laquasha & Tee

Tims & Tee

Its SNEAKERFRIENDS, its ATL …this is what the KREATIV.SOLE team does!!!!! ! Let us know if you wanna roll with us!  

*P.S.   Its on a Sunday this year so best believe we hittin Velvet Room up later on that night!!!!!