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Its simple:  We partnered up with SOULS 4 SOLES, a national non-profit organization that donates shoes to those in need. With YOUR HELP we’re gonna donate 100 pair of new or gently worn sneakers (mens or womens) to those less fortunate than us.

Sneakerheads you know we spend $150 like it aint nothing on the new J’s, Foams, Maxes, & more.. so we can easily kick in a few $$’s to help those that having been going thru a rough patch. 

Starting this Friday November 11th 2011 – December 11th 2011. Bring the kicks to the shop an give ’em to one of the KS team members.

{ 1407 N. Memorial Pkwy Suite 8A, Huntsville AL 35801 // Oak Park shopping center across from Kroger on Oakwood

Here’s the catch:  At the end of the 30 days we have to ship the shoes to the SOLES 4 SOULS warehouse. From there they re-distribute the shoes to where they are needed the most globally. Unfortunately shipping is on us and 100 pair of kicks shipped UPS is NOT cheap so we are asking for everyone’s $$ help. You can CLICK HERE to donate towards shipping costs OR the next time your in KS u can leave a couple dollars in the shoebox we have labeled ” Kreativ.Soles 4 Souls “

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This is a great look for the homies Chuck English & Sir Michael Rocks aka THE COOL KIDS, got their song featured and a cameo in a really dope commercial !!


Guess whats returning next year….. Nike/Jordan Brand are bringing back the “cement 3 ” box when the shoes drop early next year!!

I’m on my grind shawty…don’t block my shine shawty!!!!

I love this it al the time in KREATIV.SOLE. If you havent heard it, you are a certified cornball!!! Nah man i’m joking its all love thats why I’m here to share it with you!! The first part is great too…BIG live from the Wal-Mart!! I forgive you BIG for wearing fake jay’s in ATL…you redeemed yourself with this one!

–posted by teelarge aka I’ve never been accused of “shine blocking” !!!

KREATIV.SOLE fam is headed to the ATL …

Bespokes or Yeezy’s… u be the judge!

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Shoutout to for showing the pics of these BESPOKE’S customized by Adam Sofa. In case u dont know…BESPOKES cost upwards of $800 and are 100% custom to however YOU want them. They are only done at the NIKE ID store (21 Mercer) in NYC. You can customize EVERY part of the shoe (sole, laces, tongue, colors, materials,  swoosh) EVERYTHING!!!

Adam made a YEEZY AF1 to look just like the Blk/Pink Yeezy’s so check out the pics and be the judge..which would you rather have????!!!???

YEEZY Bespoke AF1

YEEZY Bespoke AF1


Air Yeezy's




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Yo..If u dont know who MAYOR is here’s a quick lesson. He’s a major sneakerhead from NY. He’s loves kicks just like you and I. Regular round the way dude…with a sick ass collection of AF1’s!!! He’s official….trust me!! He came down to ATL for SneakerFriends 09 and I got a chance to kick it with him!

Watch the whole video..but u can catch me at 13:28!!!



256-489-5016 store phone!

904 BOB WALLACE AVENUE #201 / Huntsville, AL 35801

Here are a few pics from ATL Sneaker Friends 2009. The Kreativ.SOle standouts went there and had a great time! Props to SneakerQueen, Mayor, Greg Street, Mi Gente, TSG, Nicekicks, Louie Kix, and everyone else for showing us love!! Alabama we did this for you!  More pics at the bottom!!

sneakerfriends 006

sneakerfriends 036

Click here to see more pics!!!

Oh no say it aint so!!! Big Boi aka “daddy fat sacks” of supergroup OUTKAST just took an L!!! Last night at SneakerPimps ATL he had the nerve to get onstage and perform in some FAKES!!! Doesnt he go by “Sir Luscious Leftfoot”….well the left and right feet were in some fake Jordan 8’s!!!

Did he not know that there were hella sneakerheads in the house???? Dude we know sneakers…this is what we do….yours werent real!!!! KILL YO”SELF!!!!!! You dont rock fakes to a sneakerhead convention!!! You wouldnt go to church with a bible written by your homeboy….dont go to a sneaker convention in some gas station/pawn shop j’s!!!!


" throw yo hands in da aiiiirrrr....if you got on fakes!!!"

" throw yo hands in da aiiiirrrr....if you got on fakes!!!"


These so exclusive you the only one brave enough to wear 'em!!!

These so exclusive you the only one brave enough to wear 'em!!!