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ONLINE STORE ……running again !!!

Posted: August 19, 2012 by teeLARGE in Uncategorized

Back up and running!!!! 




Came across this today on , if you into sneakers and have missed out on a pair or two before… this is definitely worth the watch for a laugh! 






We linked up with the fam over at RASTACLAT to bring in the “shoelace” bracelets that are buzzing right now. They come in a crazy variety of colorways and dont cost much at all.  FALL THRU or call 256-489-5016 phone orders. Hit us up on twitter @kreativsole 

of course @teelarge kids want to try on the new RASTACLAT bracelets !!

here’s our DIAMOND SUPPLY summer ’12 shipment!!!! M – 3XL in most tees & tanks. Fall Thru or call 256-489-5016 for phone orders!!! @kreativsole 











Chicago 10’s & KS crew

Posted: January 20, 2012 by teeLARGE in Uncategorized

I dont know where you coppin your 10’s from… but u can CLICK HERE to cop the crew or beanie!!!!

Chicago 10's , make sure u get the KS crew to match!!

Happy Holidays from the fam here at KREATIV.SOLE. We have alot to be thankful for this time of year. We appreciate all of you that came thru and chose us as one of your holiday gift destinations… enjoy your weekend. We’ll be open Monday for a few midday hours, and will resume normal hours on sunday. 

Happy Holidays from our fam to yours!