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ITS A CELEBRATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U better be here Tuesday 3-22-11 cause 10.DEEP one of the illest brands doing it are coming back to KREATIV.SOLE to kill it!!! So much gear to choose from… Cardigans, Tees, Crewnecks, Button downs, Snapbacks and even a giveaway!!!!


"Winged Victory Cardigan " <-- we are only getting 3 of these L , XL, 2XL


Coming soon to KREATIV.SOLE …heads up!

THIS IS THE DOPEST CREWNECK OF 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Die Like The Rest" crew... coming soon!

10.DEEP killed the game with this one! The body of the lighter colored crew is “oatmeal”..think of a mix between “off white” and brown. The 2nd color is black. The gloves are red on both. Sizes M – 3XL and quantity is very limited cause this one you dont wanna see too many people wearing!!!

**If you have to ask “$price?”… this probably aint for you!**

Let’s get it !!!!!! Shout out to the homey’s at 10.DEEP that snuck into KREATIV.SOLE at the last second. Personally I love this brand and really think that Huntsville will embrace it. Props to them cause they went down in KS history as the first sale!!! What up to my boy Jake who made the first purchase!! 


First Sale...!!!!!!

First Sale...!!!!!!


10.DEEP "Gotta Be the Shoes" our first item sold!!!!

10.DEEP "Gotta Be the Shoes" our first item sold!!!!


















10.DEEP is in stock at KREATIV.SOLE, CLICK HERE!