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Cha-Cha & Joy modeling G-Shocks outside of KREATIV.SOLE today!

HELLO!!!! New G-Shocks arrived TODAY. Some really great watches are in this shipment. Check the pics below….and thanks to Joy (KS Intern) and our friend Cha-Cha for being so ready to model a couple of the new metallic G-Shocks for us!

yellow gold / mirror orange

Maroon / Chrome / Navy Blue

metallic charcoal / magenta / chrome

Navy metallic / Chrome / Lime

Canary Yellow

Baby Pink



Here’s some October G-Shocks… 256-489-5016 for phone orders. Mention you saw this post and I got you free shipping (USA only). For our in-town peeps, bring yo azz to 904 Bob Wallace Ave, (in between the Quizno’s and the Scuba Diving shop) **G-Shock doesnt ship in December and January, so we will only have 1 more shipment til ‘Feb 2011**

TUESDAY…. we’ll have these four G-Shocks, plus a few more (cant show you everything!!!)

–posted by teelarge aka “Mr. Watch me do it!!”

G-SHOCK craaaazy!!!

Posted: November 10, 2009 by teeLARGE in Fresh Clothes Too!, G-Shock, KreativSOLE CLOSET

I know I been telling ya’ll that G-SHOCKS was coming back into KREATIV.SOLE. Here’s the deal… these aint ours but we have the connect on them. Just let us know which one(s) you want and we got you…but TRUST… our account is coming back!!