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Get out the bed RIGHT NOW an go get this shoe…. $175 (+tax) ..then fall thru KREATIVSOLE an pick up something to match…or shop —>ONLINE<—! If you not feelin this shoe… I got no words for you…

If your anything like have some kids sizes to buy too!

Roosevelt showing off his newest pickups!

Shoutout to the homie Roosevelt for coming thru the shop today. One of the most official sneakerheads in Huntsville, fam keeps some sneaker HEAT an keeps getting the releases waaay before the release date. I dont even think Roosevelt knows what a release date is!  Plus he shops in KS! Today he scooped up a Motivation tshirt.


White/Red 13's December 18th 2010, White/Cement 3's - Jan 22nd 2011, Cool Grey 11's - Dec 23rd 2010