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The Breakup Song….

Posted: August 26, 2012 by teeLARGE in TeeLarge
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“…..see breaking up is hard, to move along is even harder…..” – Wale

Dear Kreativ.Sole,

I have loved you every minute of every day for 3 years, 4 months, and 8 days. I hate that these are our last 4 days together. I’ve been trying to write you this letter for months, didn’t want it to be rushed or last minute but here we are….August 26th 2012….so allow me to speak from the heart and say goodbye.

The day we opened, do you remember what I said? “ If all of my homies come thru and cop a shirt, this will be the best day ever”. We barely even had a business plan, I just knew that I had been laid off from a job I loved, had a few dollars to invest and decided to open my own biz with it. It was only right to do a boutique…besides my kids the only thing I’ve ever loved was clothes and sneakers.

So we just got it poppin the only way we knew how. Got this streetwear thing started in Bama. Remember when you reached out to ***** and the sales rep was like “ Ya’ll have heard of our brand in Alabama?, we thought ya’ll was still tall tee’s and Girbauds”. We had to damn near beg and convice EVERY brand that they would sell in Alabama. 

Remember how many dudes who just 3 years ago would come thru and say “these clothes for them backpack rap dudes and white boy skater type“ ….those same guys are regular customers now. I’m not saying we changed the world…. but we did our part to put a whole city of people on a new style and that is something to be proud of.

Along the way we’ve had some great times and met some lifetime friends. In the beginning it was just Dre and me….talking sneakers everyday and selling a couple tees. Then Fred joined the team as KS intern and was a big help the first year. Next came Tims & Fitch at the end of year 1 an both proved it when they said they were gonna ride til the very last day. Joy got down and repped for the ladies and brought a fresh view point in house during year 2. Then we finished strong.. added JayDot & Eastside Dre and Pastor AD for the last year to round the team out. We joke on him constantly but let me publicly thank “Fish Sandwich” and my nephew Zay for being our interns this summer. 

There’s 1000 more names I could name…if you were apart of the movement, you know who you are, and I appreciate you for real.

“…I put my heart and sole in this game I’m feeling drained….”  – J.Cole

So why are we closing? I made the decision to close because I decided I could no longer live the “ struggling entrepreneur “ life. I’m 31 now, have 4 kids and need to be more consistent in my time and $. Not knowing how much we were gonna do in sales each week, and not knowing how much $ I could pinch off to bring home was becoming more and more stressful. I needed to go back to work full time, and get myself headed in the right direction financially. You don’t wanna be 40 and broke…so I have alot of work to do in 9 years. The mothers of my children have never once complained in 3+ years. But just cause they didn’t complain doesn’t mean they didn’t want to. It has been tough on them so I decided to close and go back to work full time to help them out and do my 50-50 part responsibly as a father.

That’s the God honest truth. Our customer base deserves the best, not someone who couldn’t afford to bring in a certain shipment of product because he had to pay his share of daycare, back to school clothes, mortgage and stuff like that. When it gets to that point, its not worth it anymore. Some decisions just have to be made. KS budget has run off one wallet since day 1. When I took a financial hit, KS suffered… and thats the truth.

You’d be hard pressed to find a business where you can eat off the profits from day 1. I haven’t worked a real job in 3 years, 6 months, and 8 days. It’s only by God’s grace, and some amazing friends who chipped in here and there that we made it this far.

If you know me then you know I’m an entrepreneur at heart and this is not the last you’ll hear from me on that. I still have that fire to run my own biz, I’m already hard at work on my next venture…and hope to reveal that in a couple months. I’m not going to rush this time, and I’m going to make sure my business plan is real, no matter how long it takes.

YES~~~ we are having a everything must go sale but I’m not gonna talk about it. You can show up starting Today ( Sunday 8/26) thru Thursday ( Aug 30) at 5pm – 8pm each nite. The reason I’m not gonna talk about it is cause I just want people to come thru…kick it & show love.

Thats it….I’m crying tears on my macbook and this letter is long enough….. if you need anything else hit my phone 256-348-7716 or shoot me an email “ “ See u tonight at 5pm …..

“…..everything I’m not, made me everything I am….” – ‘Ye

Travis “ Tee” Large    // @teeLARGE    // @kreativsole

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