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By now if you rock with KREATIV.SOLE then u know J.MIllz is fam in here. We’ve had the pleasure of watching his movement grow and we are craaaaazy proud of him!!! Watch the video, then click the link below to check out his website. and hit him on twitter —> @j_millz77



Whaddup world!!! Just wanted to drop you all a line..i took a few days off to enjoy some vacation. My sister lives in Charlotte an I came to see her. We went to the Panthers vs. 49ers game, ate the greatest piece of fried chicken on earth, hit up some really dope boutiques… and I slept.


Here’s the faceook link to some pics…. KREATIVSOLE FB

I just wanna tell everyone thanks for the love and support of the shop…. when I get back to Huntsville I promise you I will work harder than I ever have…. love you all!

— Tee

Shoutout to the homie BIG SEAN…preciate the shoutout…!!!!


Shoutout to the homie NateB, he and his crew are regulars in the shop, they been down since day 1. So much so that Nate hit us up wanting to shoot a video for his crazy record ” I in Team” right here in the KREATIV.SOLE. Crazy amount of cameo’s in the vid. Brandon aka (@countryboy256) KS intern Tims aka @ktims510 and the homie Joey P aka (@iamjoeyp)..and oh yeah..i’m in there too!

Filmed by J.Millz from

@natebmafia    @iamjoeyp   @kreativsole  @j_millz77

OUTSIDE OF POPEYE”S EATING CHICKEN AN FRIES>>> Thats right ya’ll we got the HOLIDAY line from PLAYCLOTHS dropping this FRIDAY!! Tees, Hoodies, Skully’s, Letterman Jackets, and of course more tees!!

Not to mention Popeye’s reached out to us and want to cater the event. In case you didnt notice, THE CLIPSE shot their scene’s with Cam’ron from the POPULAR DEMAND video inside of a Popeye’s in NY. Video is below if u dont believe me!


—- teeLARGE

904 BOB WALLACE AVE #201 , Huntsville AL 35802


whaddup I forgot to post and the big homie GLC chop it up about some stuff…GLC is a cool ass hilarious dude…

so many more pics and videos to come….keep checking back!

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Whaddup! While in ATL the KREATIV.SOLE fam ate real good! Gladys Knights is a personal favorite of mine, the food gives you the “itis”..we damn near fell asleep at the table!

You know we dont believe in strangers…plus we recommend pretty girls near your food, we call it FINE DINING!!!!  Erica and Marla gladly came over and joined us for our meal. Little did we know about the jokes that would follow!

Pics coming soon but here’s a quick video recap: