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MTVTN Script Snapbacks instock! Match the Bordeaux 7's & Carndinal 7's perfectly!!


These are too dope to pass on! 3 new styles of snapbacks from the homies at MOTIVATION. An if you looking for a match for your Cardinal or Bordeaux 7’s … these are ill !!! Fall thru

*Sidebar* Speaking in Snoop language ( wizzle, dizzle, shizzle) is super lame but thats the mood I was in as Im sitting here in KS working at 1am !!!!

Shoutout to the team from MOTIVATION boutique ( MTVTN ) up in Michigan. We brought in Motivation this past fall and it raced out the store. The snapbacks were too official and so were the tee’s & crews. Its Spring and once again Motivation is gonna be a major part of our year here at Kreativ.Sole.

Motivation " MASCOT" snapback!!!


"Cheaters" MTVTN crew & "Grape" Mascot snapback!



Here’s a great way to start the week here in KREATIV.SOLE!!! New “Running Jack” hoody’s, tshirt’s and beanies just arrived in the shop!!! Im not tryna hype this up… PLAYCLOTHS always sells out in a day or two… I suggest you be on your way.  Size M – 3XL instock!

Running Jack beanie ( 3 colors to choose from: red, black, grey)

3 colors to choose from ( same as the above tshirts )

pics courtesy of MTVTN