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MTVTN Script Snapbacks instock! Match the Bordeaux 7's & Carndinal 7's perfectly!!


These are too dope to pass on! 3 new styles of snapbacks from the homies at MOTIVATION. An if you looking for a match for your Cardinal or Bordeaux 7’s … these are ill !!! Fall thru

*Sidebar* Speaking in Snoop language ( wizzle, dizzle, shizzle) is super lame but thats the mood I was in as Im sitting here in KS working at 1am !!!!

Shoutout to the team from MOTIVATION boutique ( MTVTN ) up in Michigan. We brought in Motivation this past fall and it raced out the store. The snapbacks were too official and so were the tee’s & crews. Its Spring and once again Motivation is gonna be a major part of our year here at Kreativ.Sole.

Motivation " MASCOT" snapback!!!


"Cheaters" MTVTN crew & "Grape" Mascot snapback!



WOW!!!!! You wanna talk about a dope snapback!! These gotta be mentioned on that list. The homies from MTVTN (Motivation) just released their Script Snapback collab with Mitchell an Ness. We have ALL 4 COLORWAYS of this hat instock now!!!  Or you can grab one online  CLICK HERE!