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Every now an then I throw some pics up of different celebrities rocking some of the brands we carry in KREATIVSOLE. Every single brand we have brought into the shop, its their first time being sold anywhere in the state of Alabama. ( great KS trivia!)

Everynow an then a co-sign is needed, so here’s a few of your favorite rappers rocking with DIAMOND SUPPLY Co.

Wale wearing the Diamond Supply "Un Polo" crew

Rick Ross wearing the Diamond Supply beanie and "un polo" jacket

Wiz Khalifa wearing Diamond Supply


The homie RICK ROSS (bawwwwssss) was out in Cali and stopped thru the Crooks and Castles flagship store. Here’s a couple pics of him rocking the “Noriega” shades and a dope flannel Crooks fitted. Remember we carry CROOKS inside KREATIV.SOLE ..



—this dude is waaaay to scary to ever be a C.O. !!!

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