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” I don’t know whats better, gettin laid or gettin paid; I just know when I’m gettin one, the others gettin away”  – Kanye

quick drop from the fam at SOCIETY, the MASTER PLAN 2 hoody in the red & black colorways. M – 2XL in both and the snapback in both colors. Don’t sleep on these….great fit and will def kill all the recent kicks thats dropped recently.  These will arrive instock Tuesday 2/7/11  . 256-489-5016 phone orders // @kreativsole





Here’s a quick drop from the homies over at SOCIETY.  These should all hit the shop by Tuesday/Wednesday of next week but sizes are limited so fall thru and pre-pay to lock yours down!!! We also have some ill SOCIETY snapbacks on the way.  256-489-5016 phone orders // @kreativsole 

SOCIETY backwards crew M - 3XL


Society " noodle pullover " M - XL


Society "logo 3" tshirt