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Shoutout the homie BJ (@evry1luvsabejay )… we had 19ppl register for the DGK backpack giveaway and he came out lucky!!!!  All you had to do was buy any DGK item during last week and you were automatically entered to win.

Stay tuned for the next giveaway..

SPRING 2011 is in full swing here at KREATIV.SOLE!!!!!! DGK arrived today!!! Some really dope pieces are instock including some ill camo shorts.

Tee’s  S – 2XL & Shorts 30waist – 36waist

Scroll down to see the DGK backpack… somebody’s getting that FREE!!! Fall thru the shop to find out how!







"Day & Night" comes in 4 diff colors (grey, Black, Purple & White)


"DGK ALL DAY" comes in 3 diff colors ( Grey, Black, White)




COME BUY ANY DGK ITEM BEFORE 3/5/11 an register to win this DGK backpack for FREE!!