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NEW SHIPMENT INSTOCK!!! Preciate the homie JayDot (@jaydotrain ) for doing the intro!!!! WE WORKIN!!!! Phone orders 256-489-5016  twitter –> @kreativsole

When I say that we here at Kreativ.Sole are serious about this thing we call streetwear. We gon’ keep giving you the best product from the dopest brands.This one is on you though…You asked for it, some of ya’ll even begged…well get ready cause its on the way. April 2nd 2010. 12Noon.

P.S…..You may wanna get here early….


If you know me then you know I gets down with alot of streetwear brands…and personally I LOVE —> THE HUNDREDS but do they love KREATIV.SOLEHELL NO!!! We keep getting the diss record from them. I’m talking the Jay-Z vs Nas diss, “Left condoms in ya baby seat”!!!! Just disrespectful ya’ll!!

Dear Ben & Bobby (owners of TH): I am sick and tired of buying this fly hot dope ass freshness from places like GotSole? , PhatKaps, PalaceFive, and Standard. I wanna buy TH out MY OWN DAMN BOUTIQUE!!!! In case you havent heard, this is my sh#t!! I own it, Alabama is on its streetwear shit too!!! We have a faithful following of people that are ready to support THE HUNDREDS.  If I get told “your not ready” one more time! I’ve been told the story of how ya’ll started, an we are both from HUMBLE BEGINNINGS! Roll the damn dice on Alabama an lets get this crackin!!!

With that being said please see the pics below to see the waaay 2 dope Holiday 2009 from THE HUNDREDS….(which we dont have…bitches)

—– teeLARGE (owner of KREATIV.SOLE and proud wearer of all brands except those that choose not to be in KS! )

teeLARGE rockin THE HUNDREDS in the club with DJ DRAMA

—teeLARGE     @kreativsole

**this message is not endorsed by any other boutiques, i’m sure they’d love to keep getting my money**