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At first glance I thought these were an all black Foamposite Pro with a clear sole… that woulda made my entire year a great one!!! But these are the deep green / pine colorway that RELEASE IN SEPT 2011. Check todays date… its February… now thats EARLY!!! WALE told us his kick game was “World Cup” Pics below or watch the vid ( 3:48 point)

releasing September 2011.. "pine" foamposite pro


Every now an then I throw some pics up of different celebrities rocking some of the brands we carry in KREATIVSOLE. Every single brand we have brought into the shop, its their first time being sold anywhere in the state of Alabama. ( great KS trivia!)

Everynow an then a co-sign is needed, so here’s a few of your favorite rappers rocking with DIAMOND SUPPLY Co.

Wale wearing the Diamond Supply "Un Polo" crew

Rick Ross wearing the Diamond Supply beanie and "un polo" jacket

Wiz Khalifa wearing Diamond Supply


Shout out to the boy WALE….its his turn right now…I was crazy about the “Nike Boots” track and now we have a video for “Chillin” ft. Lady Ga Ga and produced by Miami-bred super producers “Cool and Dre”



Yeah that’s right…WALE did his thing in Atlanta at “The Loft” last night. Show was crazy!! This video was filmed at “STANDARD-ATL”. They had an instore visit by WALE and of course KREATIV.SOLE was in the house!! Shouts out to DRE2003, C-Lewis, and DGoode (

WALE killed it with the Olive Jordan Retro 9’s!! Then he turned around and busted out the Air Yeezy’s onstage!!!  I was a hater no lie…also shouts out to D.Weis, Wale’s manager. Thats my dude as well. More on the whole night to come soon!!!

Shout out to the homey DRE2003…I was over at his house yesterday (planning the KS store…details soon!) when his Penny 1/2 cents came in the mail….Its always good to see another sneakerhead cheesin’ and grinnin’ like a kid in a candystore!!! The shoe is straight fire!!! Nike didn’t disappoint on this one!!!

But I’m online right, just site searching and checkin my email and !!!BAM!!! what do I see…some new *ish!! A blk/green colorway of the 1/2 Cents on . I saw the blk/blk pair awhile ago and they are sick!! But a Blk/Green “Ray Allen” joint?? Stupid!!! See for yourself:

You wanna see the rest, right?